12 Best Sad Korean Movies That Make You Cry Every Time


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Sad Korean Movies To Get Tear’s Out [2021]

Lately, it’s been revival after turnaround after comeback, with no end in sight yet. So, let’s discern how many further you can take if you haven’t been grieving enough because of MVs, live appearances, publication pictorials, and whatnot.

We all have those moments in which we want to be emotional and want to watch saddest movies ever. In a sense, emotionally, we lock up our room, listen to sentimental songs, and watch the most tragic or saddest Korean movies. we’ve ever seen. In my case, I enjoy watching sad Korean movies, and after crying, I have a sense of relief. Despite the mini-heart attack and sorrow, they might feel that many people are entertained by watching movies to watch when you’re sad. So Here Is a list of saddest movies ever. Enjoy ?

12- Hello Ghost

Japanese title:   헬로우 고스트

Directed by:       Kim Young-Tak

Produced by:     Lim Sung-Bin, Choi Moon-Soo

Cast:                  Cha Tae-Hyun,       Gang Ye-Won

Release date:    December 23, 2010

Running time:   111 min.

Ratings:            7.6/10 IMDb , 85% Rotten Tomatoes , 8.1/10 MyDramaList

Why:  My mind and heart are filled with happiness and enthusiasm about this sad love story movie after seeing the trailer on Facebook, so I download it to watch it. And after watching the complete version of the movie with subtitles. I am happy and didn’t waste my time sharing this movie with my family and friends. The twist at the end of the film makes me cry with joy because it’s incredible and a must-see film. I’m going to keep it as part of my favorite saddest Korean movies in my collection now.

hello ghost sad korean movies

Plot: Through overdosing upon pills, Sang-man tries to commit suicide but fails. By falling off a drawbridge and inside a river, he tries to kill himself but rescued. Sang-man, who taken to the hospital, awakens and sees a man smoking next to him. He informs the other patrons of the hospital, but nobody believes him. He finally sees four spirits during his visit to the clinic. Moreover if you dont have interest in sad movies have a look at best Korean movies 2018

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Sang-man faces nurse Jung Yun-soo and instantly occurs in love. Sang-man clear from the hospital. And he is track back to his residence by the ghosts. He tries to ask the spirits politely why they are there, but he does not respond.

11- Train To Busan

Japanese title:   부산행

Directed by:       Yeon Sang-Ho

Produced by:     Lee Dong-Ha, Kim Yeon-Ho

Cast:                  Gong Yoo       , Jung Yu-Mi, Ma Dong-Seok

Release date:    July 20, 2016

Running time:   118 min.

Ratings:             7.6/10 IMDb , 94% Rotten Tomatoes ,72% Metacritic

Why:  It is one of those movies to watch when sad that I would suggest someone see. It’s great! Anything from cast to plot to CGI and the incredible humanity seen through this sad Korean movies, not just to save your own lives and the lives of those you love, but also others, even if you haven’t previously looked at them. It’s a beautiful movie that gives a beautiful message like that. I’ve been watching horror movies all my life, so I’ve grown accustomed to the unexpected leaps from behind and the main lead going in pursuit of his death, so this sad movies Korean managed to catch my sigh away and make me yell my head off and love it.

sad korean movies

Plot: At a biotech factory, a chemical spill triggers the beginning of a zombie apocalypse that slowly spreads across South Korea. A cynical workaholic and separated father are the supervisor of the fund. Su-an, his daughter, needs to consume her birthday in Busan beside her mother, Na-young.

He decides to take her to Busan via an early KTX 101 from Seoul Station after being overwhelmed with guilt after seeing a her video suffering from stage fright while singing “Aloha ‘Oe” at a program due to his deficiency. Other passengers include a working-class man and his expecting wife; a greedy COO; a baseball team from high school, a baseball player and a cheerleader from the squad; older sisters In-gil and Jong-Gil; and a homeless stowaway.

10- Miracle in Cell No.7

Japanese title:   7번방의 선물

Directed by:       Lee Hwan-Kyung

Produced by:     Lim Min-Sub

Cast:                  Ryoo Seung-Ryong , Park Shin-Hye    , Kal So-Won

Release date:    January 24, 2013

Running time:   127 min.

Ratings:            8.2/10 IMDb ,  89% Rotten Tomatoes

Why:  This sad romantic movie that make you cry is recommended and highly suggested. I am a person who doesn’t care about any dramas in the story, but this one is legitimate! My tears had just rolled out of my face, and they were very heartbreaking. The love and sacrifice of a father are priceless to protect his daughter. Despite being a disabled person, he raises his daughter well, full of affection. Watch this saddest movie ending with all the guys out there and your entire family.

korean sad movies

Plot: A father (Ryoo Seung-Ryong), mentally disabled but very fond of his daughter, is wrongly charged with a crime and sent to jail. Later, his daughter Ye-Seung (a law school grad, Park Shin-Hye) works to defend his actions.

Yong-Goo lived happily with his daughter Ye-Seung (Kal So-Won) back in 1997, even though he had the child’s intellect. Every day, they stop by either a shop to glance at the yellow Sailor Moon bag he hopes to purchase from his daughter. They note one day that the last Sailor Moon yellow bag is remaining traded. Yong-Goo goes into the shop to allege his state, but the dad ends up hitting Yong-Goo when he buys the bag.

The girl who ordered the yellow Sailor bag the next day views Yong-Goo was operating in the supermarket store’s parking lot. She tells him she’s acquainted with another store that sells the same yellow backpack. Yong-Goo accompanies the girl to a typical open-air market. A brief while succeeding, the girl lies senseless on the sand, and Yong-Goo ventures to conduct CPR. A woman passes by and calls the cops.


Japanese title:    순정

Directed by:       Lee Eun-Hee

Produced by:     Jung Moon-Goo, Bang Mi-Jung, Joo Pil-Ho

Cast:                  Do Kyung-Soo, Kim So-Hyun, Yeon Jun-Suk

Release date:    February 24, 2016

Running time:   113 min.

Ratings:            7.3/10 · IMDb

Why:  Just completed seeing it. I love Kyungsoo, but watching this movie to watch when sad took me forever and I don’t know why, so I keep putting it off. I’m happy I wanted to watch it today, but it hurts my heart so much now that it’s like something’s pushing it to bits. In the plot, there were some sections that need to be polished and the acting of Kyungsoo is not as fantastic as he is now, but you can see that he is already strong, very powerful ability to be great. The best section is the last quarter of the best sad romance movies. I screamed, as if my heart had burst into pieces. All did a good job. It tells me of how, back then, life was so easy. The cleanness in crushes and first love.

best korean movies

Plot: In 2014, from his first love, a radio DJ got a letter that brings back almost overlooked memories of that time.

In 1991, 23 years ago, five friends spent the summer together. Shy and naive Beom, one of them, occurs in love with Soo. Beom has an apparent crush on Soo-ok and helps in the summer by the girl’s lattice. Soo-ok suffers from an injury to her leg that can’t help her walk correctly, so Boem still carries her. Love is blossoming, and he still sees her as the one he wishes to marry.


Japanese title:   마음이

Directed by:       Park Eun-Hyung, Oh Dal-Kyun Produced by:

Produced by:     Kim Min-Ki, Ma Sang-Joon, Lee Seung-Hoon, Kim Oh-Taek

Cast:                  Yoo Seung-Ho, Kim Hyang-Gi, Dolly

Release date:    October 25, 2006

Running time:   97 min.

Ratings:            7.4/10 IMDb ,  8.1/10 MyDramaList

Why: So, I’ve been watching lots of Sad Korean movies and dramas. The first sad korean movies that make you cry I saw, Hearty Paws, has an extraordinary place in my heart. I was about six years old when I saw my brother sitting with him. It can sound humorous, however. I never realized it would affect my heart like this, that I still remember the movie and every plot of it even after ten years, along with the fact that I have only seen it once in my life. It’s so sweet, and I swear, you’re not even going to know the tears are streaming from your eyes. It made a six-year-old shout. The utter mass of innocent and heart-warming best sad korean movies it is, you must have guessed it by now

sad romance korean movies

Plot: Two brothers, an 11-year-old boy, named Chan-Yi (Yoo Seung-ho) and his little sister, So-Yii, are the movie’s subject (Kim Hyang-gi). Abandoned by their mother, they are left on their own to survive. Chan-Yi agrees to give her a puppy for his sister’s 6th birthday. He sneaks into an elderly couple’s house and takes a new-born dog she’s been waiting for. They were happy, even though they were terrible. After a horrific event, though, everything changed; So-Yi died. Chan-Yi blamed his dog for this and makes his way to his mother, not understanding that the only real family that will never leave him was the dog.


Japanese title:   하모니

Directed by:      Kang Dae-Kyu

Produced by:     Kim Nam-Su, Yoon Je-Kyun, Jae-Won Jeong

Cast:                  Kim Yunjin    , Na Moon-Hee

Release date:    January 28, 2010

Running time:   115 min.

Ratings:            7.4/10 IMDb , 76% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: This sad movies Korean caused me to weep a lot. Hh, so profound!! I can only imagine how hard it is to be a woman, a mother. Women are the world’s most powerful beings. This saddest Korean movie proves to us that. All my tissues in the house are finished thanks to this movie. Wow, it was a non-stop crying that ended up with a headache. This movie is an individual of the most numerous films I’ve ever seen, and both the actress and the director did an excellent job. Kudos to both of them. You chaps need to be view this sad Korean movie!!

best saddest korean movies

Plot: Moon Ok was a state university music lecturer but is now on death row inmates for performing a felony arising from violence by her husband and mother-in-law. She confronts a naive lady, defined Jeong-Hye (Kim Yunjin) in jail, who was murdered by her husband for physical assault. Jeong-Hye was pregnant at the time of her arrest, and the baby was subsequently delivered in custody.

Eighteen months later, Jeong-baby he’s had to be left for adoption. Jeong-Hye organized a penitentiary choir society to consume one day outside the prison with her baby. For this choir, Moon Ok will become the conductor. The music easily touches the prisoners and parole officers that this collective makes and this movie falls in top 10 saddest movies list for sure.


Japanese title:   국제시장

Directed by:       Yoon Je-Kyun

Produced by:     Yoon Je-Kyun, Lee Chang-Hyun, Lee Sang-Jik, Kim Yang-Yeon

Cast:                  Hwang Jung-Min , Kim Yunjin   Oh , Dal-Su

Release date:    December 17, 2014

Running time:   126 min. Ratings:

Why:  Realistic representation of a common man who thrived on upholding the commitment he made to his father for all miseries. His passion for his family, his desperate wish to find his father, and his loss of his sister. This Korean sad movie carries you within the happenings, life, power, and struggles of those lost in the present. The actors, the cinematography, the plot all give us an emotional rollercoaster ride. The battle is never a necessity but a curse that separates families. Life is not easy. When you feel life is complicated and you are lost, I recommend others to watch this sad movies Korean. If you watch this with your heart open, many things will be learned.

Ode to my Father

Plot: After the 1950 Hungnam Evacuation in the Korean War, where thousands of civilians were moved south by the U.S. to what would become North Korea Navy ships, Deok-child, soo’s the loss of his sister, Mak-soon. Deok-father soo’s remains behind to look for her, asking his son to take the boy’s mother and two younger siblings to Busan, a port city where Deok-aunt soo’s operates an imported goods shop. The father executes the Deok-soo sign to be the home’s crest in his seat before departing home.

In the early years, Deok-soo became the breadwinner of his household, doing odd jobs to sustain the family. In the 1960s, he was compelled by financial necessity to move to Europe with his best friend Dal-goo, where they found risky jobs in German coal mines as Gastarbeiter to repay for his brother’s lessons at Seoul University.


Japanese title:   내 머리속의 지우개

Directed by:       John H. Lee

Produced by:     Cha Seung-Jae, No Jong-Yoon, Kim Sang-Min, Lee Young-Pil

Cast:                  Jung Woo-Sung, Son Ye-Jin

Release date:    November 5, 2004

Running time:   117 min.

Ratings:             8.2/10 IMDb ,92% Rotten Tomatoes

Why:  The saddest korean movies depicts the best of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s syndrome forces you to lose all your memories, for those of you who do not know what it is. A moment to recall, with a top-notch storyline, this sad romantic movies that make you cry is very well directed. The romance between the protagonist, his passion, his friendship, his intimacy is beautifully conveyed. After one protagonist forgets something, the emotional distress is incredible, and the other revelation is impressive. It goes beyond my thoughts, and I loved it enormously.

sad romantic movies that make you cry

Plot: The heroines, a woman, described as Su-jin, and a man named Chul-soo, is introduced in the film’s first act. Despite their social standing disparity that should have held them apart, the movie highlights their unexpected encounter, followed by their eventual courting. Kim is a fashion designer who is 27 years old, spurned by her boyfriend, a classmate who was a married man, too. She meshes to a utility store, sad, where she runs into a tall, attractive man with a minor misunderstanding. Moreover, She returns home after that and, gaining her father’s forgiveness, agrees to resume life afresh.

However, She conveniently encounters the guy she previously bumped into at the grocery store one day while accompanying her dad, the CEO of a construction firm. He is Choi, the manager of the building site, learning to enhance an architect.

4- Be With You

Japanese title:   지금 만나러 갑니다

Directed by:       Lee Jang-Hoon

Produced by:     Yang Soo-Jung, Kim Jae-Joong

Cast:                  So Ji-Sub, Son Ye-Jin, Kim Ji-Hwan

Release date:    March 14, 2018

Running time:   131 min.

Ratings:            7.7/10 IMDb ,8.6/10 MyDramaList

Why:  That’s the most soul best sad korean movies I’ve seen. It tells a loving tale that helps capture the past and potential and sweet falling love moments in an engaging and captivating way.

It sets crucial roles in life and that not all endings can be a joy, but it also teaches us to live our lives more fearlessly and more powerfully, with our loved ones by our side.

Small but relevant details add more significance to the narrative, adding more exciting surprises to the storyline. Even in this Korean sad movies more is symbolized by penguins, fishing, and rain. The rainy season, which compares with its actual truth, is seen as the most significant plot period. it is discussed in the film while all the good stuff comes to an end The cute moments of first love, mature love, and even the value of love and family all in one are captured in this sad movies Korean.

Be With You korean movie

Plot: Before passing on, Soo-ah makes an unbelievable commitment to her husband, to yield a year later at the beginning of the rainy season. She miraculously retains her responsibility and repeats in front of her hubby plus son, but she has no recollection of it. The happiness at their reunion is sadly short-lived because it turns to escape that at the edge of the rainy season, Soo-ah has to abandon her home.

3- Salut D’Amour

Japanese title:   장수상회

Directed by:      Kang Je-Gyu

Produced by:    Jeon Pil-Do, Lim Sang-Jin

Cast:                 Park Geun-Hyung     , Youn Yuh-Jung, Cho Jin-Woong

Release date:   April 9, 2015

Running time:  112 min.

Ratings:            7.3/10 IMDb , 8.2/10 MyDramaList ,83% Rotten Tomatoes

Why:  A must-watch sad korean movies that make you cry. I just thought this was a sweet love tale between the two elders before the real story shows it. The plot twist is unexpected. Prepare a tissue box. I figured that there was running to be just a standard rom-com movie, but because of the ending, I cried so much?? And no, it’s not because anyone died, or anything like that, just watching the whole saddest movie ending.

salut damour korean movie

Plot: Sung-chil is a cranky 70-year-old guy who lives by himself at the local supermarket and works part-time. Jang-soo, the supermarket owner and president of the reconstruction project of the area. Moreover, tried in vain to obtain the signature of Sung-chil (he is the last hold-out and the only explanation for the delay of the project). Still, Sung-chil stubbornly opposes any change in his lifestyle. Then he meets Geum-nim, his new neighbor, a feisty yet pleasant retired lady who operates the flower shop next door. Sung-chil is new and cumbersome at love, considering his age, but the whole thorp encourages him on and supports him pursue her. But the daughter of Geum-nim censures of the relationship.


Japanese title:   소원

Directed by:       Lee Joon-Ik

Produced by:     Byn Bong-Hyun, Sung Chang-Yun

Cast:                  Sol Kyung-Gu, Uhm Ji-Won, Lee Re

Release date:    October 2, 2013

Running time:   123 min.

Ratings:             8.3/10 IMDb ,  4.1/5 Letterboxd ,9/10 MyDramaList

Why:  This movie to watch when sad is a masterpiece portraying the life of an 8-year-old. It was heartbreaking, and it shows how she and her family had to deal with pain and stuff. However, after that—the girl who was attacked and raped by a man.Fortunately, the sad romantic movies that make you cry director doesn’t reveal the horrific scenes. Similarly, the whole film is devoted to the aftermath of the crime itself. Moreover, It illustrates the significance of getting support from family and friends during such a period. It also reveals the legal system’s stupidity, and it can punish all crimes in that realm most harshly. The most poignant moment, all and all, is when the little girl assures her father that he should strip off the silly cartoon outfit in which he leads her around and make her days better.

HOPE korean movie

Plot: A girl named So-won sits an ideal childhood with Dong-hoon and Mi-hee, her working-class parents. So-won is abducted, beaten, and raped. One day on her way to school by a male stranger before leaving for dead. Luckily, she still lives and can call an emergency.

The attack police inform Dong-hoon and Mi-hee, and they run to the emergency ward. They are appalled at the magnitude of So-injuries won upon their arrival at the hospital. So-won is suffering from head trauma and has to face extensive operations. A surgeon tells Dong-hoon that So-won will become to consume a colostomy bag for the surplus of her lifetime. Besides, with the aid of Jung-sook, a psychiatrist, she can recognize her abuser once So-won regains consciousness.

So-rapist won is arrested at his house. So, to the dismay of her family and friends, the case becomes a media phenomenon. When the journalists meet at the hospital, Dong-hoon takes So-won to another room and hides her from the media coverage.

1- A Werewolf Boy

Japanese title:   늑대소년

Directed by:       Jo Sung-Hee

Produced by:     Lee Young-Suk

Cast:                  Song Joong-Ki, Park Bo-Young, Yoo Yeon-Seok

Release date:    October 31, 2012

Running time:   125 min.

Ratings:             7.3/10 IMDb ,84% Rotten Tomatoes ,3.4/5 Letterboxd

Why:  This movie is just fantastic!! The acting of Song Ki and Park Bo Young is just superb!! Very heart touching and emotional saddest korean movies, and it’s unfortunate the ending particularly!! Without even saying farewell, Kim Suni shouldn’t have left him like that!! They should have shown cheol so getting back into his pack again. Moreover, living with someone and not alone. Because, the professor say that the wolves are social predators living in groups.

At least he would not have ended his entire life all alone!! I hope they ought to a happy ending or just a more proper conclusion. But I consider it reasonable that Suni informed him that you don’t should wait any longer. In life, he should at least move on!! Overall, this sad movies korean is a must-see for fans of Korean Hallyu!!! Just ensure that while watching it, you have tissues with you! ?

a werewolf boy korean movie

Plot: Kim, an older woman who lives in the U.S. in her sixties, gets a telephone call regarding her adored family home sold after South Korea.

Returning to her birthplace, she met Eun-granddaughter, Joo’s, and drove back to the country house. Sun-Yi remembers how she traveled from Seoul, including her widowed mum and sibling Sun-ja, to an isolated canyon 47 years ago, while she was a 17-year-old lady in 1965, to spend a period of healing after having problems with her lungs.

At the hands of their arrogant landlord, Ji-Tae, the son of a business associate of Sun-late Yi’s father, the Kims lived in genteel poverty. Due to her fragile health, the beautiful but introverted Sun-Yi lives a solitary life without any mates.

One day, Sun-Yi finds a wild boy in her yard who’s around 19. His form of blood is indecipherable, and he can neither speak nor read. While he acts like a wild beast and he is adopt by her and name Chul-soo by Sun-kind-hearted Yi’s mother. In addition thinking he’s one of the Korean War’s more than 60,000 children orphaned.

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