20 Japanese Anime Movies [2019] Of All Time


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Japanese anime movies 2019 have numerous fans of the anime both in the country and abroad. Moreover, Japan is well known among Otaku geeks around the world for Anime, and there are.

Some of the most popular anime in Japan in 2019 are peer stories that necessitate no prior understanding of any specific series. Lots of anticipated best Japan anime are scheduled to show in 2019, which are also screened around the same time or a little afterward than Japan worldwide. Also, look at Japanese comedy movies

You might be considering yourself, “What is the best Japanese anime of all time in Japan?“. Don’t worry, because there is a Japanese anime list of all the upcoming Anime movies, from the classic Anime series to the brand-new film coming to the screen in 2019.

Most Popular Anime In Japan

20- Mob Psycho 100 II (Crunchyroll)

Japanese title:   モブサイコ100

Directed by:      Yuzuru Tachikawa

Produced by:    Bones inc.

Cast:                 Kyle McCarley, Abby Trott, Bobby Thong

Release date:   September 24, 2019

Running time:  25 Episodes

Ratings:           IMDb (8.5/10)

Why: It’s Compelling storytelling, fantastic development, and growth of character. There are genuinely exceptional philosophies and theories behind it. In an unbelievably unique and exciting way that makes it seem like a comic book or manga comes to life, the battle scenes are animated. It’s one of the decade’s most funny, pleasant, emotional, and just pure awesome Japanese anime movies.

Plot: He is an ordinary boy from middle school, moreover missing a sense of presence. Even though he looks like an innocuous guy with tremendous psychic strength, he is a powerful hope. Moreover, He always lives a life under an emotional shackle to keep from losing control of this power. Like the others around him, Mob wants to live a regular life, but a barrage of trouble continues to come after him. However, With his hidden feelings growing little by little within the Mob. On the List of Japanese anime movies 2019, Mob Psycho 100 II is No. 20.

19- Vinland Saga (Amazon Prime)

Japanese title:     ヴィンランド・サガ

Directed by:        Shūhei Yabuta

Produced by:      Naokado Fujiwara , Yōko Ueda ,Mitsuhiro Sugita

Cast:                   Naoya Uchida, Hiroki Yasumoto, Yûto Uemura

Release date:     July 7, 2019

Running time:    24 Episodes

Ratings:             IMDb (8.8/10)

Why: The said most popular anime in Japan has got everything. It all, from the historical elements to how it constructs its cast, all the way to the broad spectrum of feelings that it has been able to surge inside me for such a short period, is just incredible. Don’t even get me started on the consistency of the animation and the generous use of CGI.

Plot: In this top japan anime, He arrives in the village one day to enlist Thors in the war. Floki’s real motive, however, is to kill Thors as revenge fifteen years earlier for deserting. In addition, He sneaks on his father’s ship and is eventually drawn to a trap on the Faroe Islands and ambushed by a group of mercenaries with whom Floki had conspired to kill Thors. Thors fights off the attackers with his great strength and abilities at first, without the need to use deadly force, but submits to implementation after taking a hostage.

18- Her Blue Sky

Japanese title:  空の青さを知る人よ

Directed by:      Tatsuyuki Nagai

Produced by:     Hiroyuki Shimizu, Genki Kawamura

Cast:                  Shion Wakayama, Riho Yoshioka, Ryo Yoshizawa

Release date:    October 11, 2019

Running time:   108 minutes

Box Office:        ¥440.5 million (approximately US$4.04 million).

Ratings:            6.7/10 IMDb

Why: I agreed that I decided to watch it ASAP, and I got stuck on the teaser. Not as emotionally intense compared to the other most popular anime in japan I’ve watched. Moreover, The plot seems to be a little hurried, and a few aspects were not well described in the story. It turned out the ending was more than satisfying for me. Perhaps the characters and plot would be more well-developed if this was a top 10 Japanese anime instead.

Plot: She is an accomplished artist and a second-year high school student. Shinnosuke Kanomura, an ex-boyfriend of Akane’s older sister, is a struggling guitarist. However, Thirteen years earlier, their mom and dad died in a crash, and she has given up her wish to move to Tokyo with Shinnosuke and pay attention to Aoi. Aoi has been feeling grateful to her older sister since then. You may Consider it in best Japanese anime.

17 – Hibike! Euphonium Movie 3: Chikai no Finale

Japanese title:    響け! ユーフォニアム

Directed by:        Tatsuya Ishihara , Naoko Yamada

Produced by:      Takarajimasha Bunko

Cast:                   Kumiko Oumae , Reina Kousaka, Asuka Tanaka

Release date:     April 19, 2019

Running time:    101 minutes

Ratings:             7.1/10 IMDb

Why: It’s in there! I eventually got to see this charming, believable, music-centered top Japanese anime sequel to the movie. Moreover, I was amazed by almost everything when I observed Sound Euphonium: the realistic vibes, the top-notch animation, the wonderful orchestral music, and the characters. In addition, I was striving for more of that, and in this top japan anime, we got it!

Plot: With its new school year heading in, Kumiko and the previous Kitauji College Band members are coming back with new participants, modern drama, and a new school year target in mind.

Given that Kumiko’s entire second year of college is the whole show’s subject, it comes as a shock that the Japanese anime movies are the most hurried it’s ever been. Above all, It is not exactly an optimal situation to see trips as a whole to regionals given less than half a screen time season.

16 – Osomatsu-san the Movie

Japanese title:   えいがのおそ松さん

Directed by:       Yoichi Fujita

Produced by:     Shueisha

Cast:                  Osomatsu Matsuno, Karamatsu Matsuno, Choromatsu Matsuno

Release date:    March 15, 2019

Running time:   108 minutes

Ratings:            IMDb (7.2/10)

Why: It will not be a long and thorough analysis or anything, but seeing these Japanese anime movies 2019 feels like nothing but a massive breath of fresh air after going so long without any new content. I almost forgot how amusing and charming this series is, and all I feel the series stands for is embodied by the movie. It has the humor, the writing of the characters, and all the love and excitement put into the best japan anime Series, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Plot: The sextuplets visit a high-class reunion. There, they all see their old colleagues with business jobs who become ‘decent’ adults. The sextuplets mope about this before they fall asleep, but a specific scenario awaits them when they wake up. Moreover, These six brothers manage to travel back in time to meet themselves; they have a mission to accomplish and find something. Honestly, the story is straightforward, but it was perfect for executing its top anime in japan.

15 – Ni no Kuni

Japanese title:   二ノ国

Directed by:       Yoshiyuki Momose

Produced by:     Bandai Namco Entertainment

Cast:                  Kento Yamazaki, Tucker Chandler, Ray Chase

Release date:     23 August 2019

Running time:    106 minutes

Ratings:             6.1/10 IMDb

Why: A beautiful Japanese anime movies 2019 like that. You can indeed understand the characters’ feelings, where they come from, and the affection expressed for each other. The magic scenes were fascinating to watch. The ending also wrapped up any loose ends there may have been. The more you go, it makes so much more sense, and I’d watch it again. 🙂

Plot: The top anime in japan involves three friends from high school. Kotona finds herself stalked by a sinister, otherworldly assassin after school one day.

It points out that the world and ours are related and that if anyone dies in one, their replacement from the other is related. In addition, The Kotona is no different than the Princess of a massive kingdom in the world of sorcery, hence the assassination attempts back in Tokyo. The boys manage to penetrate the castle, which is alarmingly weak in defense and even save the Princess, gaining the king and his counselor’s trust and friendship.

14 – Children of the Sea

Japanese title:  海獣の子供

Directed by:      Ayumu Watanabe

Produced by:    Eiko Tanaka

Cast:                 Mana Ashida, Seishū Uragami, Hiiro Ishibashi

Release date:   June 7, 2019

Running time:  111 minutes

Box office:        US$2.8 million (worldwide)

Ratings:            6.5/10 IMDb

Why: It’s an outstanding work of art; it’s stunning visually, the plot is intense, and it brings you to the birth of the world and leaves you with a miracle of life. Thanks to the makers of this beautiful piece of creativity for producing a story and the best Japanese anime so exceptional.

Plot: In this Top Japanese anime, Female protagonist and junior high school student Ruka discover herself with nowhere to invest her days during the summer break after falling out with her mother and the other members of her school club. So, she ends up hanging out in the aquarium where her father works. There before, she encounters an enigmatic pair of brothers named Umi and Sora, whom her father tells her that they were “raised by dugongs” and that their underwater talents are being observed.

13 – Ride Your Wave

Japanese title:    きみと、波にのれたら

Directed by:        Masaaki Yuasa

Produced by:      Science Saru

Cast:                   Minato Hinagesh, Hinako Mukaimizu, Yōko Hinageshi

Release date:     June 21, 2019

Running time:    96 minutes

Box office:          $3.9 million (worldwide)

Ratings:             6.8/10 IMDb

Why: Woah! What a top anime in japan! Since I looked at the teaser, I had been expecting death. Although it always struck me hard. I cried for the rest of the film when a quarter of Minato died in the movie. Moreover, I was still smiling! But also I’m a crybaby, but something tragic will make me cry tears in the baths. It was like joining the sky for a couple of days.

Plot: A 9-years old boy travels to an oceanside town to attend college and engage in her passion, surfing, without worrying much about her future. When her new place is set on fire by fireworks, a 12-years firefighter with a clear sense of justice rescues her. They form a relationship as the two spend quality time together. After Hinako informs Minato that conditions are the greatest in the winter storm to surf in, he heads surfing and then drowns while saving a jet skier and this scene makes it the best Japanese anime movies 2019.

12 – Promare

Japanese title:   プロメア

Directed by:      Hiroyuki Imaishi

Produced by:     Trigger XFLAG (production)

Cast:                  Kenichi Matsuyama, Taichi Saotome, Masato Sakai

Release date:     May 24, 2019

Running time:    111 minutes

Box office:          $17 million (worldwide)

Ratings:             8.1/10 IMDb

Why: It is, frankly, one of my favorite top anime in japan. There’s something here for everyone: lovely animation, romance, comedy, incredible concept, action, and much more. The tale itself is distinctive, and it appears to have a satisfactory conclusion. When every second is either emotional or visually spectacular, it’s challenging to be bored throughout this movie

Plot: Fires from widespread spontaneous human combustion destroyed half the world’s population during a catastrophe known as the Great World Blaze. After and during the incident, some humans acquired pyrokinetic powers and became known as the Burnish.

They are getting a twist in this best japan anime. After Thirty years, Galo lives in Promepolis, where he operates as a member of Burning Rescue, a firefighting organization. They respond to incidents surrounding Mad Burnish, a community of terrorists suspected of being radical Burnish.

11 – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection

Japanese title:      コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ

Directed by:          Gorō Taniguchi

Produced by:        Sunrise

Cast:                     Jun Fukuyama ,Yukana , Takahiro Sakurai ,Ayumu Murase

Release date:       February 9, 2019

Running time:      114 minutes

Box office:            $9 million (worldwide)

Ratings:                IMDb (7.4/10)

Why: It was a worthy sequel to the series after Lelouch’s death; it addresses much mystery. It helps us heal from some of the series’ tragic events, and we also get to see many of our favorite actors back in action but unified as one this time. This Japanese anime movies 2019 is a fitting homage to the one and only Emperor we have.

Plot: A year has progressed after the “Zero Requiem” events, a framework devised to end the conflict with his death by Emperor rules Britannia while helped through her bodyguard, which has taken the persona of Zero. Nunnally and Suzaku, when a Knight mare team ambushes them, are in the middle of a goodwill visit to a desert nation; Suzaku is soundly beaten, and they are kidnapped.

10 – Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Arrow of the Orion

Japanese title:    ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか

Directed by:        Katsushi Sakurabi

Produced by:      Nobuhiro Nakayama

Cast:                    Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Inori Minase, Maaya Sakamoto

Release date:      February 15, 2019

Running time:     82 minutes

Ratings:              6.7/10 IMDb

Why: If you’re searching for more fun with Bell and the gang for adventures, this is the most popular anime in Japan. If you’re looking for it to advance the anime story or plot, then this movie is not for you. It is a fun movie, traditional adventure stuff. They’re going on an adventure to do that thing, to do that thing, yay, everything in the world is lovely.

Plot: The tale follows the adventures of a 14-years solo explorer underneath the goddess Hestia, Bell Cranel. He strives hard to afford as the only participant of the Hestia Familia. He looks up towards Ais Wallenstein, a famous and mighty swordswoman who had once rescued his life and had fallen in love with him. She is ignorant that many other females, deities, and down into a sequence, but grow affection for him.

9 – KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Crimson Legend

Japanese title:    この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!紅伝説,

Directed by:        Takaomi Kanasaki

Produced by:       J.C.Staff

Cast:                    Jun Fukushima, Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi

Release date:      August 30, 2019

Running time:     90 minutes

Box Office:          $1,359,835 World Wide

Ratings:              7.9/10 IMDb

Why: It was flipping funny. Awesome movie. To the point of mild cringe towards the end, a little bit corny, but it’s a Japanese anime film, so that’s to be expected. The best Japanese comedy film I’ve seen in years. I’ve been pitting the fans who never saw it because it’s so sweet. The pretentious “Woke” mentality was also a fun little slap in the face, but I’m not going to ruin it.

Plot: His use of explosion spells backfires, and they lose all the rewards from their new quest. Kazuma and his group are down on their good fortune. The party sits at the adventurer’s guild in disgrace before he arrives. She informs Kazuma that she wants to have a son with him to save the world and that one of the Demon King’s generals is under attack in the Crimson Demon village where she and he are from belongs. The former part of the story is later discovered at Kazuma’s mansion to be a falsehood written by his and Yunyun’s classmate, Arue. Yunyun travels back to his village, ashamed.

8 – City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes

Japanese title:     シティーハンター

Directed by:         Kenji Kodama

Produced by:       Discotek Media

Cast:                    Ryo Saeba, Kaori Makimura, Hideyuki Makimura

Release date:       February 8, 2019

Running time:      95 minutes

Ratings:                6.5/10 IMDb

Why: I promise that you will fall in love with it and it’s my big request that Tsukasa Hojo makes the endless city Hunter series because it’s the best!! The nostalgia is back City Hunter full series has always been the best. An excellent Japanese anime movie 2019 and I suggest everyone watch this movie as well as the whole series.

Plot: This series follows the exploits of Ryo, a “sweeper” who is always found chasing beautiful girls, and a private investigator who aims to relieve Tokyo of crime, along with his associate or partner.

One moment, Hideyuki is assassinated, and Ryo has to look after Hideyuki’s sister, a tomboy who, in the process, becomes his new collaborator. Kaori is, however, very amenable and selfish, frequently hitting Ryo with a massive hammer that he’s doing something perverted.

7 – Hello World

Japanese title:     こんにちは世界

Directed by:         Tomohiko Itō

Produced by:       Katsuhiro Takei

Cast:                    Takumi Kitamura , Tōri Matsuzaka ,Minami Hamabe

Release date:       September 20, 2019

Running time:      100 minutes

Box office:            $4.38 million World Wide

Ratings:                6.8/10 IMDb

Why: The soundtrack of this most popular anime in Japan is great. It has an excellent storyline, the romance is not cringy, and it touched my heart quite a bit, honestly. Cut scenes were all on point in the cinematography to illustrate the tinge of emotions and movement. Straight, with a blank mind, no hopes, it went in and came out incredibly satisfied.

Plot: He is an indecisive Kyoto-based high school student who has a passion for reading. A strange Yatagarasu takes his library book one day next to the school, and to get it back; he encounters a strange man who appears from nowhere. This man, which only Naomi saw, was revealed ten years later to be himself, now grown up and matured. To reverse the reported history and save his to-be girlfriend, his classmate Ruri Ichigyō, the adult Naomi explains that he has accessed Telltale from the real world outside after being badly hit by the lightning fireworks festival and left comatose.

6: Violet Evergarden

Japanese title:    ヴァイオレット

Directed by:        Taichi Ishidate

Produced by:      Kyoto Animation

Cast:                   Violet Evergarden, Claudia Hodgins, Gilbert Bougainvillea

Release date:     September 18, 2020

Running time:    140 minutes

Ratings:             IMDb (7.4/10)

Why: Moreover, We highly recommend that you watch this most popular anime in japan! I’ve always been an Evergarden Violet Fan. It warms your heart, and it is nice to watch. Every single episode, I’d weep about it! It covers different sides of what a person may have been through, and believe me; you’ll feel grateful to live after seeing Violet Evergarden and want to make every second of it count.

Plot: The tale spins around Auto Memory, employed initially by a scientist called Dr. Orland to support his unseeing wife Mollie in writing her books and later utilized by other individuals who needed their assistance. In the modern era, the word refers to the industry of writing for others. After the war is over, the story traces Violet Evergarden’s journey to reintegration into society and her search for the meaning of her life.

5: Dororo

Japanese title:    どろろ

Directed by:       Kazuhiro Furuhashi

Produced by:      Tezuka Productions

Cast:                   Hyakkimaru, Dororo , Kagemitsu Daigo

Release date:     January 7, 2019

Episodes:           24

Ratings:             8.2/10 IMDb

Why: There are very few Japanese anime movies 2019 that make me write a review and move me from the inside One of them is Dororo. It is a dark fantasy, obviously based on feudal Japan. There are actions, bloodshed, and demons, which, at every move, make the plot darker. Yet the light of human souls becomes stronger as the darkness deepens, and all the fantasy seems like a metaphor.

Plot: Dororo circles around a rōnin called Hyakkimaru, and during the Sengoku era, a teen orphan thief Dororo. Malformed, legless without any facial characteristics or vital organs, the rōnin was born. It was the outcome of a contract with 48 locked demons created by his birth father so that he could govern the lands and improve their growth and opportunity. He promised the demons in exchange for everything they wanted that belonged to him.

4: The Secret Life of Pets 2

Japanese title:    ペットの秘密の生活2

Directed by:        Chris Renaud

Produced by:      Chris Meledandri, Janet Healy

Cast:                   Patton Oswalt, Kevin Hart, Eric Stonestreet

Release date:     June 7, 2019

Running time:    86 minutes

Box office:          $430 million

Ratings:              6.5/10 IMDb

Why: I enjoyed this movie! It was a lot better than I assumed it would be. I like it better than the first one—a potent mix of delight and action. There become held three plots happening at once, which all combined at the end, was also enjoyed. In the list of Japanese anime movies 2019, this film, Gidget was so flipping cute, omg, especially as a cat with shimmery pink ears!

Plot: Rooster takes Max out after an incident with the farm’s sheep to locate one of the lost sheep that ran away. The lessons and motivation of Rooster to Max about behaving unafraid encourage Max to retrieve the sheep successfully. As a result, Rooster enables Max to tarry overnight with him. He had consigned his favorite doll, Working Bee, to Gidget before Max left. Unfortunately, in a cat-infested residence owned by a cat-lady, Gidget misses Busy Bee. To break into the apartment more quickly, she gets cat lessons from Chloe, Mel, Pal, and Sweet Pea. She successfully retrieves Busy Bee with Norman’s aid and accidentally gets hailed as the queen of cats.

3: Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl

Japanese title:     ラスカルは夢見る少女を夢見ない

Directed by:         Sōichi Masui

Produced by:       Yūichirō Kurokawa, Ayako Yokoyama

Cast:                    Kaito Ishikawa, Asami Seto, Inori Minase , Nao Tōyama

Release date:       June 15, 2019

Running time:      89minutes

Box office:            $3.76 million (worldwide)

Ratings:                8/10 IMDb

Why: It is an enjoyable top anime in Japan, and it’s a must View if you loved the anime at all. The characters are very well written, and during significant scenes, their voices are packed with emotions. Moreover, The art & animation is well done, not falling over the peak jaw, but it suits the mood and is not intrusive, and you will be easily absorbed. However, The tale happens right after the anime, so watch it first.

Plot: He is into his second cycle of high school in Fujisawa. He loves his time with Mai Sakurajima, his girlfriend also a senior for the past six months. However, the presence of Sakuta’s first love, Shoko Makinohara, ruins their happy lives. Two Shoko’s meet with this Sakuta-one in middle school the other an adult, the one who first supported him in his memories. Sakuta learns that Shoko is suffering from a heart condition in middle school that desperately needs heart transplantation and save her life.

2: Weathering With You

Japanese title:     天気の子

Directed by:         Makoto Shinkai

Produced by:       Wakana Okamura , Kinue Itō

Cast:                    Kotaro Daigo ,Nana Mori

Release date:      July 19, 2019

Running time:     112minutes

Box office:           $193.1 million (worldwide)

Ratings:               7.5/10 IMDb

Why: In every way, the movie is mesmerizing and ranked 2nd on Japanese anime lists. The rain looks as beautiful as the Garden of Expressions looked; Makoto Shinkai sure knows how to make the shower look pretty. I liked how he presented the scenes of the exhibition in the film. The way he did, it was genius, and it was necessary because I don’t think many people know about Weathering managing Japanese mythology; I don’t even know.

Plot: High schooling Hodaka Morishima runs from Kōzu in her first year to go to Tokyo. Keisuke Suga, who gives Hodaka his company card, saves him when a rainstorm strikes his ferryboat to the city. He meets Hina Amano, a McDonald’s restaurant worker, as Hodaka became broke and struggles to find employment. He meets him after that arriving at Suga’s business place, moreover his niece, Natsumi. Suga employs him as his associate at a small publishing house of supernatural magazines, investigating urban legends linked to Tokyo’s stormy weather. The tale of a “sunshine girl” who can control the temperature is learned from a psychic.

1: Toy Story 4

Japanese title:      トイストーリー4

Directed by:          Josh Cooley

Produced by:        Mark Nielsen, Jonas Rivera

Cast:                     Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Tony Hale

Release date:       June 21, 2019

Running time:      112minutes

Box office:           $1.073 billion

Ratings:               7.8/10 IMDb

Why; Yeah, Best Ever. These are Japanese anime movies, that cast tears, and laughter, and the most fantastic film franchise ever came to a great conclusion. All the Toy Tale movies are incredible, but you’d be so wrong with Toy Story 4 if you sometimes find the new film is not as good as the previous ones. It surpassed my standards by far, and I can’t recommend it enough. The absolute best for us all – young and old! A must-see for sure!

Plot: Woody worries about her and slinks into her bag on the day of Bonnie’s preschool orientation. Moreover, Woody covertly recovers the tools and assorted garbage items from the trash, including a plastic spork, after a classmate takes away Bonnie’s arts and crafts supplies. Bonnie utilizes these to produce a googly-eyed bipedal spork, which she calls Forky. In Bonnie’s backpack, Forky comes to life and starts to undergo an existential crisis, realizing that he is garbage rather than a toy and wanting to stay in a trash can. However, Woody brings it against himself to keep Forky from propelling himself away, as Forky adorns Bonnie’s favorite toy.

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