20 Best Korean Movies [2018] To Watch

list of 2018 korean language films

In terms of commercial success and critical recognition, the fastest rising cinema is undeniably Korean. The industry is steadily rising from strength to strength after decades of not having a cinematic pioneer. In the recent century, there have been enough samples of Korean cinema’s high appeal to viewers.

A record number Best Korean movies of 2018 of big-budget projects (over 10 billion won, approximately $9 million) were accepted this year. Still, most of these failed badly on the charts, and studios in the future would have to be more vigilant about greenlighting expensive tentpoles—recent regulatory changes relating to worker compensation, while rational, have prompted an overall rise in budgets. If you are willing to have fun with your partner then go ahead for Best Japanese comedy movies

The significant announcement is that higher mid- or low-budget plans have transformed into sleeper scores than expected. Big movies smeared on stars and results and took a gamble with tales of high concepts. The list of best Korean movies 2018 is here. Korean suspense films, Korean romantic movies, and Korean horror movies are included in the list of 2018 Korean language films.

Best Korean Movies 2018

20- Burning

Japanese title: 버닝

Directed by:     Lee Chang-dong

Produced by:   Lee Chang-dong

Cast:                Yoo Ah-In, Steven Yeun, Jun Jong-Seo

Release date:  May 17, 2018

Running time:  148 min.

Ratings:           7.5/10 IMDb ,95% Rotten ,Tomatoes 90% Metacritic

Why: I knew before I saw it that it was based on a story written by Murakami. It was enough for me to watch it as I read the excellent author’s works. It points out that the film is eccentric. It’s an exceptional film. With the slow-paced screenplay, long visual shots, an interval between dialogues; scenes without character dialogues; the best Korean movie 2018 has a lot to offer on its plate. It gives the viewer an analysis of the character. It has lovely cinematography, and the movie has been filmed very well. His script is weird enough to keep you fascinated by the film. The writer of the screenplay deserves admiration.

Plot: He, an ambitious young writer, takes unique jobs in Paju. One day, at a promotion, wherever he is obtaining a delivery, he works into Shin Hae-mi, a boyhood bystander and classmate. He doesn’t remember her initially, but he tells him that she had a plastic operation. Then he gets and gives her a rosy awareness that he got during the development. She tells him about her next trip to Africa later and asks him to feed her pet, Boil, while she’s gone. Jong-father, a cattle farmer, got caught up in unpleasant legal matters before Hae-departure, mi’s and Jong-su had to return to the farm. Jong-su passes by the apartment of Hae-mi, where he receives orders to feed the cat. Later, in Hae-apartment, mi’s they have sex.

19- Swing Kids

Japanese title: 스윙키즈

Directed by:     Kang Hyeong-cheol

Produced by:   Lee An-na , Yoo Sung-kweon

Cast:                Do Kyung-Soo ,Park Hye-Soo ,Jared Grimes

Release date:  December 19, 2018

Running time: 133 min.

Ratings:           7.5/10 IMDb , 63% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: I could not quit considering it for moments while I watched Swing Kids. I don’t want too much to give away, but it was beautifully filmed and full of funny and sobering moments. Some people can say the tone has been all over the location, too, and I appreciated it personally. I don’t think I could have gotten lost in this top Korean movies 2018 because of the atmosphere if it was overly happy. I think the sound offers an outstanding balance and portrayal of the private joys of affection and dance and the effects of war. You get attached to the main characters, and you enjoy top Korean movies that can combine both sad and happy elements.

Plot: When the War in 1951, the tale becomes a site in Geoje prison camp; after meeting Jackson, an officer and retired Broadway actor charged with putting together a dance company, he, a revolting North Korean soldier, befalls in desire with pat dancing. In search of getting his wife, Xiao Pang, a Chinese soldier and born dancer who can’t dance for more than a minute because of Angina, Kang Byung-sam (Oh Jung-Se) auditions for the company. He, who needs money but says that through dancing, there is no money, also joins the party.

18- The House of Hummingbird

Japanese title:  벌새

Directed by:     Kim Bora

Produced by:    Zoe Sua Cho , Kim Bora

Cast:                 Park Ji-hoo ,  Jung In-gi , Kim Sae-byuk

Release date:   August 29, 2019

Running time:  138 min.

Ratings:           7.4/10 IMDb , 100% Rotten Tomatoes , 82% Metacritic

Why: In the 1990s, this movie was about being a teenager, which, sadly, I knew all too well. The movie depicts Eun-hee (Ji-hu Park) primarily as she directs best-friendships, first love, affection for a fascinating teacher, and her weird relationship.

It was such a best korean movie 2018. I just sat back for once and took no notes at all. I was delighted to see the fact on the screen and that these young actors were so articulate, yet so helpless to do something simultaneously.

Plot:  It was established in 1994 with the collapse of the Seongsu Bridges in Seoul. Eun-Hee is a pupil at a middle school. Girl abides with her origins, who operate a mill, her maturer sister, and dearer brother. Eun-Hee wanders as each of the members of the family, struggles to deal with their issues. A female adult confronts Eun-Hee. The sole one which can comprise Eun-Hee is the female adult.

17- Stand By Me

Japanese title:  덕구

Directed by:      Bang Soo-In

Produced by:    Do Sang-Hyun

Cast:                 Lee Soon-Jae, Jung Ji-Hoon, Jang Gwang

Release date:   April 5, 2018

Running time:  91 min.

Ratings:           8.1/10 IMDb , 91% Rotten Tomatoes , 75% Metacritic

Why: They all need to watch this movie. I’m glad I did it. I had no idea that a bunch of twelve-year-old boys could make me laugh so hard (it was a freaking hilarious tale of lard a**). The biggest I’ve ever seen personally on best Korean movies 2018 is the camaraderie between the four main characters. It’s also my favorite position of the late great River, who will be “That Chambers kid” to me. This has some charm to it—so many classic scenes, from “TRAIN!” to the bonfire, to the Gordie-Ace standoff. The characters are all so hashed out, and others are understandable, the story is fantastic, I’m sure the Stephen King book is even better. The first moment I had seen, though. Still one of the best movies ever made, they grabbed me off guard.

Plot: In 1985, the author Gordie read in the paper that Chris, his boyhood best friend, had expired. He explains a dull flashback, following revealed to be a tale he is writing. The flashback reveals of a boyhood occurrence when, as the Labor Day leave weekend in 1959, Chris and two companions moved to discover the body of a disappeared boy near Castle Rock, Oregon. Gordie’s twelve-year-old parents are too busy crying about the tragic death of Denny, his older brother, to pay much attention to him.

16- Hotel by the River

Japanese title: 강변 호텔

Directed by:     Hong Sang-Soo

Produced by:    Hong Sang-soo , Cho Hee-young

Cast:                 Ki Joo-Bong, Kim Min-Hee   , Song Seon-Mi

Release date:   August 9, 2018

Running time:  95 min.

Ratings:           6.7/10 IMDb , 95% Rotten Tomatoes ,  3.5/5 IndieWire

Why: Snaps of males, including females by the edge of the path. Disturbing, evil, amused, because man’s defects will nevermore stop furnishing a laugh at the point of life, and something serene arrives in doing so. Hotel by the River also makes two movements that are very special to the creation of Hong. First, he uses his love to double in an odd way to hold the men and women away for much of the action on only parallel courses here. Then he fuses a part of drunk family treatment that goes into the pantheon of HSS. This best Korean movies of 2018 has been his most Eustachian considering his initial work.

Plot: Ko Young-Hwan, a book editor, visits his sons Kyung-Seoul and Byung-Soo, a very OK film producer, at a Han River hotel. As they await for Young-Hwan to meet there in the hotel restaurant, the two brothers have a tense, jealous friendship and argue. In a different part of the restaurant, Young-hwan falls asleep and ignores them.

A-reum, a young woman claiming to have a severely burnt left hand, is also staying at the hotel. Yeon-Joo, an acquaintance, who is worried about her response to a recent breakup, visits her and tends to be distracted. While waiting for his sons, after a sudden snowfall, Young-hwan approaches her and Yeon-Joo as they walk around outside the hotel, continually remarking on their beauty. Yeon-Joo is a fan of his job, but his invitation to drink is rebuffed by the two.

15- The Spy Gone North

Japanese title:  공작

Directed by:     Yoon Jong-Bin

Produced by:   Kuk Soo-Ran, Han Jae-Duk, Son Sang-Bum

Cast:                Hwang Jung-Min, Lee Sung-Min, Cho Jin-Woong

Release date:  August 8, 2018

Running time: 137 min.

Ratings:          7.3/10 IMDb , 100% Rotten Tomatoes , 3/5 IndieWire

Why: The Spy Gone North: A brilliant piece of work from South Korean cinema on spying and international diplomacy. In both Koreas, some sincere individuals tried to improve business relationships in list of 2018 Korean films. The climax scene producer takes the tears out of your eyes when seeing and experiencing the warmth of friendship—a thing to never forget.

Plot: Reports emerged in 1993 that Korea held developing nukes. Former South Korean military commander Park Suk-Young (Hwang Jung-Min) hired to penetrate the highest ranks in North Korea by the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and learn regarding their program. “Black Venus.”Black Venus.

In an effort to interest highly placed North Korean agent Ri Myung-Un (Lee Sung-Min) in a business contract, Park Suk-Young then travels to Beijing, China under the guise of a salesman. He gains Ri Myung-Un’s confidence as the years pass and offered a chance to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. However, he must pass via Section Leader Jung Moo-Taek of the State Security Department of North Korea.

14- Door Lock (Korean Movie)

Japanese title:   도어락

Directed by:       Lee Kwon

Produced by:     Lee Jae-Min, Kim Sung-Ryong, Jo Byung-Yeon

Cast:                  Kong Hyo-Jin , Kim Ye-Won    , Kim Sung-Oh

Release date:    December 5, 2018

Running time:   102 min.

Ratings:            6.3/10 IMDb , 7.8/10 MyDramaList , 100% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: It was an exceptional film. I wouldn’t say I like mystery films and books to work out the outcome early on generally, and although I initially suspected the right guy, I wasn’t sure who it was till the real limit. From start to finish, the best Korean movies 2018 caught me and had me challenging everything, jumping in all the right positions along with the MC and my heart pounding. In any way, it was not corny and accurately depicted the exhausting and frightening phase that a female who stocked appears to face. The only thing I’m going to say is that this film is not for the faint of heart-not it’s a sad film, but I find myself crying over the list of 2018 korean language films many times.

Plot: She is an average female in a workshop studio existing by herself. She finds her highly protected door lock cover left open when she gets to her place after work. Slightly terrified by this, she changed her password. Though, she discovers someone attempting to open her entrance right ere she persists in sleeping. Kyung-Min calls the cops, startled by this. Yet, just annoyance and no concern for the terrified Kyung-Min displayed by the police. She discovers further signs of someone attempting to reach her house a few days later, and a murder incident happens. She decides to investigate independently, realizing she’s not protected and that the police are not to be trusted.

13- Keys to the Heart

Japanese title:   그것만이 내 세상

Directed by:       Choi Sung-hyun

Produced by:     Ju Seoung-hwan

Cast:                  Lee Byung-Hun, Park Jung-Min, Youn Yuh-Jung

Release date:    January 17, 2018

Running time:   120 min.

Ratings:            7.5/10 IMDb , 77% Rotten Tomatoes ,8.1/10 MyDramaList

Why: The tale is quick and predictable. No convoluted twist to the plot. No exaggerated disputes.

The production of the characters is excellent. With so much guilt for his mother and brother, Ju-ha is a total jerk. Jin-tae is autistic at stage 2 and a musical savant. Soon, Jin-tae is a caring mother who is still seeking to make up for Ju-ha, whom she left a long time ago. Despite its simplistic storyline, what makes this best korean movies 2018 stand out is the two leads’ excellent performances. This film made me laugh and repeatedly cry as if I were going insane—the passion of the music-bound brothers.

Plot: The tale of a descending boxer trying to connect with a younger, estranged brother is a talented pianist with an intelligent syndrome.

The elder brother is a brushed boxer (Lee Byung-Hun). His younger brother (Park Jung-Min) is a mentally challenged, ingenious pianist. The brothers help compensate via their In-Sook (Youn Yuh-Jung) mother, who’s full of previous adventures.

12-  The Great Battle

Japanese title:  안시성

Directed by:      Kim Kwang-Sik

Produced by:    Koo Tae-Jin, Kim Yong-Sun

Cast:                 Zo In-Sung, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Park Sung-Woong

Release date:   September 19, 2018

Running time:  135 min.

Ratings:           7/10 IMDb , 86% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: It is a great film, one of the better war movies I’ve ever seen. The Admiral: Roaring Currents, also hacksaw ridge, is more robust than 300, equivalent to operation chromite. Fantastic acting and story. As some comments below, it focuses on fact rather than propaganda, with a little distorted storyline. Of course, as the emperor wasn’t dying by the arrow, like all myths and top korean movies would have some deviation from real history. The only thing about the film is the mandarin accent, which badly spoken, and ancient Chinese speaks far closer to Cantonese than Mandarin for the details.

Plot:  In 645, large Tang armies, led by Ruler Li Shimin, invaded the kingdom of Goguryeo. He organizations regularly beaten, led by Yeon. He plans to retreat to Goguryeo’s capital, Pyongyang Castle, and he orders Sa-Mool to destroy Yang Man-Chun-Chun (Zo In-Sung). Ansi Fortress’s ruler is Yang Man-Chun, and Yeon summons him a rebel for not battling in the war among the Tang troops. Sa-Mool flies to Ansi Fortress to destroy Yang Man-Chun, but the way Yang Man-Chun cares for his people touches him there.

Emperor Li Shimin, meanwhile, and his Tang army is approaching the Fortress of Ansi. The fortress remains on the Tang forces’ march to the capital of Pyongyang. He and his army are defined to preserve the Fortress of Ansi to end.

11- Believer

Japanese title: 독전

Directed by:     Lee Hae-Young

Produced by:   Jung Hee-Soon, Han Seung-Hee, Yoon Suk-Chan

Cast:                Cho Jin-Woong , Ryoo Joon-Yeol , Cha Seung-Won

Release date:  May 22, 2018

Running time: 123 min.

Ratings:          6.5/10 IMDb, 2.5/5 IndieWire, 58% Metacritic

Why: Suppose you believe it or not! It strongly recommended to believers, trust me! With these talented and versatile actors, the full package of action, interesting plot twist and energizing soundtrack more than the Hollywood film, you can feel the vibe of a top korean movies 2018. It’s worth watching, and it’s very, very funny!

Plot: Won-ho is a police detective working to bring down Asia’s largest cartel of drugs run by a man named Mr Lee. Neither person noticed him, and as a fruit, many drug sellers were professing to convey illicit trade. One day, when Oh Yeon-ok, who has just survived an explosion meant to kill her, approaches Won-ho, Won-team ho’s arrives at the site and discovers a survivor. The police catch him when he is admitted to the hospital and attempts to escape to find out about his mom and pet dog’s fate, and they make him speak the truth. Rak, a retired portion of Lee’s gang, is unveiled to be him.

10- Herstory

Japanese title:  허스토리

Directed by:      Min Kyu-Dong

Produced by:    Park Ja-Myung

Cast:                 Kim Hee-Ae,Kim Hae-Sook , Ye Soo-Jung

Release date:   June 27, 2018

Running time:   121 min.

Ratings:            5.1/10 · IMDb

Why: I indeed have no thought what to say about this series. It’s hard to say that I enjoyed it because the subject is so intense, but all the main performances were superb and leave you feeling the feeling of what was going on.

A topic, I’m sure not too little about many in the West, that makes me angry and angry and sad again when I think about that or see any top korean movies that relate to it. In terms of the general historiography of the incidents these women are fighting against, Herstory does not do much but focuses exclusively on a few women’s personal experiences.

Plot: In a sequence of deceptive works such as I Can Talk and Spirits’? Homecoming harrowing plight of Korean comfort women. They were constrained to physical slavery by the hands of the Japanese rulers’ army during and before World War II and captured several times on film. With the (relatively) constrained and strong Herstory, Veteran director Min Kyu-dong reversed the pattern this year. In this anecdote of elasticity in the aspect of misfortune, a lead an extraordinary cast.

09- Sunset in My Hometown

Japanese title: 변산

Directed by:     Lee Joon-Ik

Produced by:    Kim Sung-Chul

Cast:                 Park Jung-Min, Kim Go-Eun, Shin Hyun-Bin

Release date:   July 4, 2018

Running time:  123 min.

Ratings:           6.2/10 IMDb ,7.8/10 MyDramaList

Why: If I go strategically, then it’s an ordinary movie on my side. The writing is very sloping, and often acting is more like overacting. It’s a good story. But I want my review from you, so I’d say I appreciated the heck out of everything.  ” So here is the tale, and there is no plot, just do as you wish… Go crazy with it…” And they’re doing just that, they’re over the top, crazy, and they’re so lovely making its way to list of 2018 korean films.

So, if you love the meeting of friend’s youth, the recollection of your first love, the nostalgia to hometown with a splash of rap and a lot of drama, go for it then.

Plot: The underground rapper has been stimulating TV audition performance for six cycles, but nevermore gets into the finalist. He takes a call of his hometown while he slips his 7th audition, that his father stays inside the hospital. He rushes his hometown of Byun San, where he left from high school to find it his father’s conspiracy to send him to Byun San. He’s going back to Seoul right away but blamed of being a phishing scam convict, and he’s somehow bound up in Byun San, a tight, boring suburb.

08- Little Forest

Japanese title: 리틀 포레스트

Directed by:     Yim Soonrye

Produced by:    Ku Jung-A, Shin Bum-Soo

Cast:                 Kim Tae-Ri,Ryoo Joon-Yeol   , Moon So-Ri

Release date:   February 28, 2018

Running time:  103 min.

Ratings:           7.1/10 IMDb ,  88% Rotten Tomatoes ,  3.8/5 Letterboxd

Why: A film “Why did it end?” shows the existence of girl who’d trapped in the troubles of her life, swollen ego, later rose above them to return to the countryside, to her roots, to rural culture. It is the sort of best korean movies 2018 where you say: “Little Forest.”The projecting of food metaphorically demonstrates nature’s significance in nurturing a human being, mostly when they made from natural ingredients. The protagonist begins farming and becomes more involved. She meets her long-lost friends, and she can finally walk through her unexpectedly left-handed mother and her selfish breakup.

Plot: The tale of a teenage woman returning to her family’s house in a Korean Traditional village searching for what turned out to be an elusive dream after leaving for the big city. Her mother is not there when she returns home, but the “Little Forest” of her mother, the many ways in which a single mother successfully built a home for her much-loved child. Unfurl with a long series of lovingly sketched descriptions that often include food preparation.

The unfurling moments are shared lightly but affectionately with two friends, one of whom also discarded their elusive dream of prosperity in the big city (Seoul) and another who always pursues the small-town without ever leaving the home equivalent of that elusive dream.

07- The Negotiation

Japanese title: 협상

Directed by:     Lee Jong-Suk

Produced by:   Min Kyung-Wook, Lee Sang-Jik

Cast:                Son Ye-Jin, Hyun-Bin

Release date:  September 19, 2018

Running time: 114 min.

Ratings:          6.6/10  IMDb,  60% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: I was not shocked that it was going to be a masterpiece of negotiation! I knew this best korean movie 2018 would be outstanding after seeing Son Ye-jin & Hyum Bin in Crash Landing On You! They are both so much a part of each other that it makes anything they do suit so well. Nothing is predictable about what happens in this film. Until the very last moment, you never see it befalling. Their Son made the watcher a part of every scene. Congratulations, actors, producers & crew, to an outstanding cast! A must-see for sure!

Plot: A man and a woman abducted by English-speaking men and held hostage at a house. Despite strong objections from her boss, Captain Jung Jun-gu, Crisis negotiator Inspector Ha Chae-you of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department brought in to handle the situation. Jung tries to send police hit squad to kill the men while negotiating with the kidnappers, leading to an altercation between him and the kidnappers. In revenge, the abductors killed the couple in front of the terrified him, before Jung’s squad killed themselves.

06 – The Witch: Part One. The Subversion

Japanese title: 마녀

Directed by:     Park Hoon-Jung

Produced by:   Yeon Young-Sik, Park Hoon-Jung

Cast:                Kim Da-Mi,Jo Min-Soo,Choi Woo-Sik

Release date:  June 27, 2018

Running time: 125 min.

Ratings:          7.1/10 IMDb, 88% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: This film is unbelievably lovely! I tried a few times to start watching it, but I quickly got bored. Then, in front of it, I fell asleep, and when I woke up a little later, I discerned what a big misconception I had made by abstaining this best korean movies of 2018 all onward! The beginning may feel a bit sluggish, but once you truly comprehend the plot, you will realize that there were plenty of clues always had, and the whole of an unexpected, everything takes on a new meaning! Kim Da-mi si hand down amazing as well. You can’t get enough of her performance skills. It’s hard to believe it’s the same actress as Itaewon Class, yet in two very distinct characters, she’s just great!

Plot: After a violent accident that transmits many lifeless, a young girl vanishes from a magical lab. Dr Baek and Mr Choi, the two members who run the lab, declare her dead. The girl collapses on a farm, where her owner, Mr Goo, discovers her. Mr Goo and his wife are breastfeeding and adopting the girl back to health.

She, ten years later, is living a regular life without any recollection of her history. Her family is falling on hard times, her mother persuades early indications of madness, and She has occasional migraine bouts. She corresponds to audition for a nationwide singing contest that assures a large payout to raise money.

05- Ode to the Goose

Japanese title: 군산: 거위를 노래하다

Directed by:     Zhang Lu

Produced by:    Oh Se-Hyun, Jo Hyun-Jung

Cast:                 Park Hae-Il,Moon So-Ri, Jung Jin-Young

Release date:   November 8, 2018

Running time:  121 min.

Ratings:           6.5/10 IMDb ,  3.4/5 Letterboxd

Why: Have never even seen Hong Sang-Soo for a single second – I know, I know, but tell a girl to slow it down! -Trust me if I tell you the Zhang Lu fits very nicely into the hyper-digital, low-budget SK niche that Hong created for himself making its way in the list of 2018 korean films.  The plot spins around the same blundering guys, women who fall in love with them, cultural specificity, and getting shitfaced, in the most minimalistic ways. As fucking and thirsty for premised on the fact as any Nolan movie impenetrable in its time, but more emotionally astute in monitoring its relationships, without genre-trappings (so-called “boring” by the populous) and for far more enigmatic ends. A fun movie to get lost

Plot: Yoon-young is actually in admiration with Song-Hyun, a friend’s wife. He plans to get her on tour to Gunsan; meanwhile, Yoon-young spots out that Song-Hyun is separated. At an estate where the owner stays with his autistic daughter, who does not leave her home, they found accommodation.

04- Dark Figure of Crime

Japanese title: 암수살인

Directed by:     Kim Tae-Gyun

Produced by:   Shin Young-Il, Lee Soon-Gyoo, Lee Sung-Chan

Cast:                Kim Yun-Seok, Ju Ji-Hoon     , Moon Jeong-Hee

Release date:  October 3, 2018

Running time: 112 min.

Ratings:          6.6/10 IMDb , 80% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: It’s an excellent and intelligent thriller for detectives. The first half was a little late, but it was insignificant. Ju Ji Hoon, the lead actor, behaved beautifully as a psycho character. I recommend that you watch this top korean movies 2018 at least once if you’re interested in crime movies.

Plot: Kim is a drug officer with a widow who encounters a possible informant named Kang. As they chat in a restaurant, Kang arrested for murdering his girlfriend by the homicide division. He confesses to the assassination and put behind bars.

Kang called Kim from jail a few months later, alleging that he had killed six other people. However, he refuses to speak to the homicide investigators he says to have fabricated evidence against him to imprison him. In return for details on the remaining six bodies, Kim agrees to find the real evidence.

03- In Between Seasons

Japanese title:  환절기

Directed by:      Lee Dong-Eun

Produced by:    Kim Ji-Young, Lee Dong-Eun, Kwon Ha-Yan, Yoo Ji-Hyun

Cast:                Bae Jong-Ok,Lee Won-Geun,Ji Yoon-Ho

Release date:  February 22, 2018

Running time: 101 min.

Ratings:          7.5/10 MyDramaList ,  6.9/10 IMDb

Why: It endured a whole about the most heart-wrenching films I’ve ever seen. It’s so gorgeous and count in top korean movies. The actors and actresses played their characters with so much passion. It appeared so authentic. You could sense and understand Yeon Joon and the mothers suffering during the entire movie:(I certainly recommend this movie

Plot: Her son is raised alone by Mi-Kyung. He is in high school, in 3rd grade, and he’s a good boy. 1 day, he brings Yong-Joon over among his buddy, and he stays among them. He is freed from the army several years following. Soo-Hyun and Yong-Joon go on a journey, but there’s a car crash. In a coma, Soo-Hyun dropped. Yong-Joon accuses Mi-Kyung. She also knows about them as a secret.

02-  The Vanished

Japanese title: 사라진 밤

Directed by:     Lee Chang-Hee

Produced by:   Kim Yoo-Kyung, Lee Han-Dae

Cast:                Kim Sang-Kyung        , Kim Kang-Woo, Kim Hee-Ae

Release date:  March 7, 2018

Running time: 101 min.

Ratings:          6.6/10 IMDb , 86% Rotten Tomatoes , 7.6/10 MyDramaList

Why: It is a recreation of a Spanish film, Heard. I liked this Korean version very much. I like the fact of how they make you concentrate on some mystery, and when you try to guess who the bad guy is, the story suggests a unique turn.

Plot: Yoon Seol-hee, a famous Corporation married woman, died recently. Her body was mysteriously robbed on the day of her funeral. Detective Jung-sik reviewed the case and demanded that Seol-husband, hee’s Professor Park Jin-Han, be present. It turned out is that he had had a brief fling with a student before meeting him, who hurried to find comfort right after the funeral. A string of strange incidents at the policemen state led Jin-Han to assume his wife still was alive.

01- Grass

Japanese title: 풀잎들

Directed by:     Hong Sang-Soo

Produced by:   Hong Sang-Soo

Cast:                Kim Min-Hee, Jung Jin-Young, Ki Joo.

Release date:  October 25, 2018

Running time: 66 min.

Ratings:          6.7/10 IMDb, 3/5 IndieWire, 92% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: At this level in list of 2018 Korean language films, it feels as if Hong can construct a beautiful design or offhandedly achieve psychological insights-the films transform his carefree filmmaking process into narrative form successfully. There was not much of a lesson or inference to it, like most of Hong’s fiction, and we’re allowed to make our conclusions the way Areum does.

Plot: There is a cafe in the street. People speak to each other there. As time goes on, people start chatting with each other at various tables and get used to each other. One woman watches them and writes her feelings down.