20 Best Korean Movies of [2016] That You Must Watch


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[Top 20 Best Korean Movies of 2016

The year 2016 was potentially the great year South Korean filmmaking had that same era with regard to quality, with several productions making their spot on the industry, both nationally and globally. With famous auteurs back with some of their finest work, newer filmmakers making their presence known, and another new batch of talented indies, the industry has put out its hope of a better future of movies in years.

Movies with strong social agendas figured heavily, and it’s also been a good year for women directors, with four faces featured in the 20 titles below. Although independent films were as powerful as ever, relative to prior lists, many more mainstream films appear here. Few films may have opened in 2015, but because this happened at the end of the year, I took the liberty of adding them. As normal, the criterion for films is those that premiered for the first time this year, either at a festival or exclusively in theaters.

There are a huge list of 2016 Korean language films to Watch, but with a focus on diversity, here are the 20 best Korean Movies 2016 List.

20. Yourself and Yours

Why: This film does pose an intriguing concern about personality, partnerships, and trust. It does apply to Luis Bonuel’s Movie The Descret Object of Desire. But at the bottom line, it doesn’t mean something different. Nothing worth watching the movie for. In reality, after raising the issue, Sang-Soo Hong, the film’s producer, seems to have run out of steam, and the ending is patched up and coerced. It’s well-acted and professionally directed film from best Korean movies 2016 list, but the end is leaving the whole experience with a bad after taste of a half baked cake.

Yourself and Yours

Plot: Yongsoo meets a friend, and they discuss Minjong, his girlfriend with whom he intends to marry. She was seen getting drunk in one of the nearby pubs, and when Yongsoo approaches Minjong, she rejects it was her, but Yongsoo is unable to deny the reports. Feeling upset that he’s not to trust her, Minjong leaves him. Devastated, Yongsoo wants to get her back. Meanwhile, Minjong, or anyone who looks very close, encounters men in bars and has intimate relationships with them. Yongsoo finally reunites with Minjong, and they maintain their friendship.

19. Our Love Story

Why:  This is a brilliant 2016 Korean movie. True to its name, the love story of Jisoo and Yoonju brings us into their lives. I find myself so entangled in their feelings, unable to act normally for a couple of days. It’s not popular to see a Korean movie about lesbians, and I sincerely enjoy this chance to connect to the characters. Just the fact that it’s a queer movie is fantastic, but Our Love Story is also extraordinarily well-made and delightful.

our love story 2016 top Korean movies

Plot: Yoon-Ju is a grad student in fine arts and is focusing on her graduation showcase. When she is looking for supplies for her idea, she runs into Ji-soo at a junk store. Watching Ji-soo in a strange location, Yoon-Ju finds herself attracted to her. After their initial meeting, Yoon-Ju once again runs into Ji-soo at a convenience shop, and the two soon start dating. Never having loved dating guys, Yoon-Ju finds Ji-soo intriguing and becomes totally infatuated with her.

18. The Tunnel

Why:  As a Korea movie 2016, it mediates a few genres: comedy, action, drama, and thriller. Though for its entirety, the two hours often feels akin to being trapped under a tunnel itself. It was contrived with plot choices that could have deserved less attention to or not done at all. However, as a social commentary, it is brilliantly done. The constant publicity and politics morph the dying of a human to the death of humanity and sincerity itself. The other half of what makes the caved-in story so compelling and challenging isn’t the disaster of nature. Truly best piece from Korean movies 2016.

the tunnel 2016 list of 2016 Korean language films

Plot: A MAN’S DESPERATE STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE Jung-u, an average car dealer, is on his way back home with a birthday cake for his daughter. As he drives through a cave, an unbelievable thing happens; the tunnel closes on him. Minutes later, he discovers that he is totally trapped in between the rubble. Outside, this breaking news causes a media frenzy. An emergency response squad is quickly mobilized to evacuate him and manages to keep the media under hand. As it becomes a public issue, the government pledges full assistance for the rescue.

17. Pandora

Why:  Honestly, I watched these Movies without any expectations whatsoever It works out to be an intensely emotional journey until the finish. The storyline, acting, animation, and ambiance are fairly realistic. The last time I saw a movie feeling this dynamics was experiencing “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” I realize that the acting and plot are a little Asian (well, this is an Asian movie), but all in all, this is a one from best Korean movies of 2016.

pandora 2016 Movie

Plot: Jae-Hyeok lives with his mum, his sister-in-law, and nephew in a small Korean city. He is dating Yeon-Joo while working at the nearby nuclear power station. Meanwhile, Pyung-Sub operates at the same nuclear power station. He is concerned about the situation there, but nobody in the state listens to him. An earthquake shakes the small town where Jae-Hyeok lives and triggers blasts at the nuclear power plant. The crisis rapidly spirals out of control, causing the whole country to panic. To avert another nuclear accident, Jae-Hyeok and his co-workers move to the nuclear power station.

16. Jane

Why:  Jane” is a very complex from 2016 best korean movies and at the same time simple. The story is slow and has a little dialogue and repetitive narrative to confuse you about reality. The cast was perfectly chosen, I think I couldn’t imagine with others actors. Lee Min Ji was impeccable, and I can say that almost unrecognizable. If you’ve watched “I’m Not a Robot” you will understand. Gu Gyo Hwan was impeccable, too; no words can describe his acting, his character. It was just amazing Korea movie 2016! I want to shout out to Lee Joo Young, a young actress who I think is fantastic.

jane 2016 Korean movies 2016

Plot: Jungho – a person who the viewer does not know much about – abandons Sohyun. She was already on her own, away from family, or something in a hotel, attempting to hurt herself. Out of wherever comes her savior: a trans woman named Jane, who saves Sohyun. It turns out is that Jane looks after such a group of teenage runaways; without delay, she welcomes the girl into her little ‘family’ and makes her relax. Everyone seems to be caring and loving; however, it all ends when Jane passes away, and yet again, Sohyun ends up on the street.

15. Dongju: The Portrait of an Artist

Why:  Most Koreans know Yun’s poems because we learn so many of them in high school. I could recognize most of the poems in the movie as well, so I appreciate the director’s effort to give some context to those poems. Also, I think the actors illustrated emotions in a very sophisticated and restrained way, which is historically somewhat correct. (Even today, many Koreans cover their face with their hands when they laugh. Really the best film so far from best Korean movies 2016.

Dongju The Portrait of an Artist movie

Plot: Yun Dong-yu was really only able to write one book of poetry during his entire life; after being incarcerated and experimented on, he died at the age of 27. Such a short life is quick to reveal in under 2-hours, but the film doesn’t quite seem to describe the inspiration for his poetry or why he was willing to kill himself for his cousin’s political views.

Poetry is not a natural subject for a film, unlike a visual art form such as painting. Here, it’s worth comparing the movie with a truly great film about a Korean historical figure. The 2016 Korean movie light and dark monochrome cinematography is a daring decision, but it risks painting everything in a bland tone. We are therefore refused the opportunity to see the exquisite colors of the typical hanbok worn by Yeo-jin; or the sakura of Kyoto.

14. The Bacchus Lady

Why:  The Bacchus Lady” is a movie that is powered by a very complex plot and some strong performances by some successful actresses and actors from Korean movies 2016 best Performances. I must confess that I was pleased with the character put on by main actress Yuh-Jung Youn. I feel this 2016 movie is a true treasure in the South Korean cinema, and it is a movie that you can check out if you are involved in a multi-layered film that shows more than just elevated chases, insane fight scenes, and flashing special effects.

The Bacchus Lady movie

Plot: The plot of this 2016 Korean movie has a variety of facets and layers to it. It is based on the life of an elderly woman who acts as a prostitute. She has a lot of history with her, and the public is taken along for glimpses into the turbulent past as well. But it is not just a storyline about an elderly prostitute; it is also the story of a woman with a huge heart and a desire to share in abundance while not having anything to give. Then comes the sub-plots to the novel, about the off-beat characters who live in the same apartment, the autistic young man.

13. Worst Woman

Why:  Worst Woman from top Korean movies is about an actress name Eun Hee manifesting her job into her real life. Eun Hee encounters three different men, but Eun Hee also acts differently with them as she meets them. Eun Hee’s lies lead to tangled situations. Watching this from best Korean films 2016 made me feel easy yet trying to go along with the pace of the story. I appreciate the soundtrack because it seems fitting to the mood of the film. There’s nothing grand about the film. The scenarios somehow revolved around a set from one another, and somehow the story unfolds little by little.

worst woman korean movie 2016

Plot: Eun-hee is an actress whose acting is bad, but she still performs in her real life. Her success full of lies helps her believe she develops new identities each time she dates separate guys. Eventually, a pack of her lies gets mixed up, and something is about to be fucked up. Ryohei, a Japanese journalist, visits Seoul for his book launch party. He also writes a plot driving characters into a corner and then makes it be a disaster. He encounters Eun-hee by accident, who is in trouble, much as in his novels.

12. Train to Busan

Why:  I wish I could give this movie hundreds of more stars from best Korean movies 2016!! Fantastic concept, effect, characters, and all. It wasn’t confusing in any way, and I had almost no questions when watching it. The relationship between every character was so real, it almost felt like I could feel all the emotions. The best thing I’ve ever watched, and I’d recommend it to many. Even if you’re not into zombie types of films, this 2016 Korean movie is definitely worth your while!!!! And I admit, I was never into zombie movies, but Train to Busan is just breathtaking. Amazing, breathtaking, phenomenal, and incredible.

Train to Busan movie

Plot: The fund manager Seok-woo is a divorced man who lives in Seoul with his daughter, Soo-an, and his son. Seok-woo is a greedy man and ignores Soo-an, who misses her mother who lives in Busan. On Soo-birthday, an’s she asks to see her mum, and Seok-woo flies with her to return after lunch.

On the drive, the woman kills a member of the train crew, and then all the people in the car being assaulted, turning into zombies. Seok-woo discovers that there is a zombie epidemic in South Korea, and along with the passenger Sang-Hwa, who is riding with his pregnant wife Seong-kyeong, they separate the protected front cars from the contaminated ones.

11. Karaoke Crazies

Why:   I saw very few Korean films, and those that I get the show violence against women – and there is plenty of that here, too. But the male actors still have their Secret Heartbreaks, and everyone has their chance at emoting for the camera. That such dramatic moments are not particularly jarring in a film that, for much of its running time, plays it for laughs is a tribute to director Sang-chan Kim and the writing team and this made this entry in Korean movies 2016 list.

karaoke crazies korean movie 2016

Plot: Karaoke in a rural town named “Karaoke Crazies” is owned by Sung-Wook. Business is late, and when Sung-Wook publishes karaoke singing together job to fuel sales, a girl in her early 20’s, Ha-suk, comes along. She’s a helpless game player and lacks potential, but soon she uses a clever trick to draw consumers in. Then Na-Ju, a skilled singing along a supporter, insists on helping, and she is like a heroine, turning up the wretched place with her bubbly appearance.

10. Inside Men

Why: Fighting chance of that happening one way or the other. And if you watch a movie about that, why not make it this Korean effort. When it comes to action and intriguing stories, South Korea has quite the output. I can highly recommend quite a lot of their movies. And since they won the best film at least year’s Oscars, the awareness of their industry has been raised. Really one from top Korean movies to watch.

inside men 2015 korea movie 2016

Plot:  Lee Kang-hee is an editorialist of an influential newspaper in South Korea. With the influence of the press, he makes lawmaker Jang Pil-woo one of the contenders for the next presidential election. That is the product of a hidden bargain between Lee and Ahn Sang-goo, a political bodyguard of Jang Pil-woo. But Ahn commits an almost tragic mistake when he gets caught pocketing the record on the Jang’s trust fund. The lawyer Woo Jang-hoon is about to prosecute and becomes determined that the prosecution will help him making big strides in his career.

9. Derailed

Why: I’m shocked to see some poor reviews for this best Korean film 2016 because I find it good. I didn’t notice a boring moment in the movie, and the ending was so awesome. It sort of starts out like a love story, then next thing you know, the guns come flying. It’s unique to any other films I’ve seen of practical consequences and life scenarios. Anyway, it’s a good movie, and I’d recommend checking it out.

derailed korea movie

Plot: Chicago advertisement executive Charles ‘Chaz’ Schine is emotionally worn down by his worthless teacher wife Deanna and their similarly ingrate daughter Amy, whose poor diabetes needs experimental, an uncovered therapy that will drain their life savings.

When foxy investment manager Lucinda Harris agrees to pay his seat whenever he arrives on the metro train without money, they begin an engagement. Taking her to a tacky motel, they are taken at gunpoint by thug , who rapes her having pushed Chaz down, robs their money, and calls him later, blackmailing a small fortune not to inform his wife.

8. Ash Flower

Why: The Korea movie 2016 is about a girl left alone since her mother has gone and looks for her family. Director Park Suk-young closes out his flower trilogy with his best film yet. Following the treacherous Wild Flowers and the evocative Steel Flower, Ash Flower is a huge jump up physically but lacks none of the vitality of Park’s raw storylines. The film also meets up him with young actress Jeong Ha-dam, here more obviously than ever a potential leading light of the field.

ash flower movie korea 2016

Plot:  Ha-dam leads an ordinary life in a peaceful country village. An 11-year-old girl named Hae-byeol, who looks exactly like Ha-dam, arrives claiming to meet the father she’s never known before. The country transforms into chaos with her appearance.

7. The World of Us

Why: Honestly, one of the best debut film from Korean movie list 2016 out there is a shame that only 500 people watched it. The movie perfectly shows relationships between adults and kids and between kids. The performances are all great; the young actors are incredibly awesome. The ending is just perfectly summed the whole movie up, and it left me feeling numb. I highly recommend it, and please do yourself a favor and watch it!

the world of us korean movie

Plot: When maybe mates matter more than moms, ten-year-old Sun is an outcast at kindergarten. During summer break, she meets Jia, who’s really new to town. When Sun displays Jia around the community and they play at each other’s houses and exchange secrets, they become great buddies. However, when the new semester begins, Jia senses an odd vibe between Sun and the other kids. Jia wants to get into the awesome kid’s club and begins to distance herself from Sun.

 6. The Net

Why:  In the Net, director uses the divide between North and South Korea as a metaphor for the negative implications of humans possessing a black and white view of the world and being narrow-minded and uncharitable. It’s an original story that portrays a nuanced image of a well-known topic, offering fair criticism of both North and South Korea. Some of the characters and aspects of the storyline are repetitive at times, but there are also excellent performances.

the net best Korean films 2016

Plot: Namchulwoo is a weak fisherman living a plain but peaceful life with his  family on the northern side of the river that divide s the two Korea’s. Each day he goes hunting on the river, where the outpost soldiers know him well and trust him not to cross the unseen boundary in the sea. But one day, his fish trap gets stuck in the boat motor, and Nam cannot save himself from floating towards the south.

5. The Handmaiden

Why:  Not the craziest film content-wise, that award goes to The Neon Demon, but the craziest film storytelling-wise. This film from best Korean films 2016 is pretty warped in the most unpredictable directions from the camerawork that is somewhat suggestive of Possession. It still keeps going, sensuality that is suggestive of Blue is the Warmest Color, performances as captivating as Carol, and the chaos of Park Chan- Wook as predicted. The filmmaking is some of the most interesting of the year.

The Handmaiden 2016 Korean movie

Plot: Living with her dictatorial uncle, Kouzuki, an academic and ardent collector of rare erotic fiction, the stunning and delicate Japanese aristocrat, Lady Hideko, is expected to marry him. Restricted in a sun-deprived mansion in 1930s Korea under Japanese rule, Lady Hideko is a dormir pigeon in a gilded cage and a fairly easy target for Count Fujiwara, a fraudster and an absolute con man in disguise, who recruits Sook-hee, a nimble young pickpocket, to pose as the new handmaiden. Still, bent on owning her father’s inheritance, the count wants Sook-hee to charm the unaware governess into marrying him instead.

4. The Truth Beneath

Why:  I have seen many best Korean movies 2016, but that one was incredible. The surprise is a murderer, and as expected, direction, cinematography, acting were all highest level. I see The Truth Underneath are now the best movies ever. A MUST WATCH!

the truth beneath korean movie 2016

Plot: After an incredibly tight national assembly campaign, Jong-chan receives the endorsement of his party. He and his wife Yeon-hong are entirely dedicated to the effort. When their teen girl Min-jin goes missing, Jong-chan persuade Yeon-hong not to alert the police, expecting bad publicity. Yeon-hong decides to search after her daughter with the election imminent but eventually uncovers a warped series of intrigue, mysteries, and lies involving Min-disappearance. jin’s

3. Asura: City of Madness

Why:  South Korean action films are quite interesting and enjoyable to see because of the action: different and exciting. As an action film fan, I figured out about this korea movie 2016 ASURA THE CITY OF MADNESS and wanted to watch it. Though there were initially some negative reviews here on IMDb criticizing the film’s violence, I wasn’t diverted at all and continued with my decision to watch this film.

Asura City of Madness best Korean movies 2016

Plot: ASURA entirely belongs to Jung Woo-sung, who handsomely plays his part. This time, I was absolutely blown away with Hwang Jung-min. I don’t see any other of his movies but this one and the frustrating NEW WORLD, but I can guarantee that this is his like the best work he’s ever given. The film’s script thoroughly engages with good acting, action scenes, chases, and all you would hope from the film۔

2. The Age of Shadows

Why:  Age of Shadows is a beautiful from Korean movies 2016. Korea (north and south) was under Japanese occupation since 1910 and was officially annexed by Japan in 1930, and remained under Japanese occupation until the end of World War II in the pacific in September 1945. Japan was there not to liberate the Koreans; Korea was an independent state before the Japanese invasion; Japan exploited Korea to the utmost and committed many atrocities there during their long occupation.  It is a tribute to the Korean cinema that has created such a compelling motion picture.

the age of shadows movie 2016

Plot: Based in the late 1920s, This Korea movie 2016, The Age of Shadows explores the cat-and-mouse game that occurs between a group of freedom fighters attempting to bring in bombs from Shanghai to disrupt vital Japanese installations in Seoul and Japanese agents trying to avoid them. A skilled Korean-born Japanese policeman, who was formerly in the freedom movement himself, is plunged into a struggle between the expectations of his existence and the instinct to serve a more large factor.

1. The Wailing

Why: This is the tale of a village where people have suffered from a mystery illness that seems like some plague, which eventually kills them, and in the middle of something, a Japanese stranger happens to be interested in this. It sounded like Memories of Murder with a darker tone. Greatest film so far to watch from list of 2016 Korean language films.

The Wailing Korean movie list 2016

Plot: In the remote village of Goksung in South Korea, policeman Jong-Goo examines strange murders caused by a mystery illness. His partner relays rumors that a Japanese alien, who lives in a sheltered house in the mountains, will be an evil spirit responsible for the disease. Jong-Goo plans to see the outsider along with his partner and a teenage monk who speaks Japanese. They discover an altar with a goat head, photographs on the walls of the infected people who died, and an attacking guard dog that blocks their exit before the intruder appears.


Korean Cinema have become a household name as their Dramas and Movies are now seen everywhere in the world. This article by Zain Mumtaz Summaries the best Korean films of 2016. Although movies’ interest seemed to have been going up everywhere, even now, Other countries is also going high.

I hope you are amazed and got the top Korean movies of 2018 you are looking for, also check my blog on 24 Best Japanese Comedy Movies Of All Time.

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