How to Rise to YouTube Fame and Get More YouTube Subscribers


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Popularity on YouTube is a dream of many young and older adults. Everyone dreams of creating videos that gain a record number of views and thus attract new viewers to subscribe and business partners, thanks to which you can start earning online. Who today would want to avoid becoming influential, to be able to do whatever he wants and live at a certain high level? But how to get subscribers on YouTube? How to promote your own YouTube channel?

First of all, you need to promote yourself according to your video marketing strategy. You’ve heard many times that other creators in each video remind you to subscribe and click on the bell, which makes notifications of new videos appear on the homepage. You can also collaborate with other YouTubers – so someone who watches them will be interested in your channel. You can also buy YouTube subscribers with SocialBoss.

No one knows how YouTube’s algorithm works and how to please them, whether something needs to be done on the channel page, whether it has anything to do with the channel’s topic, and whether it pays attention to the number of subscribers. How to gain subscribers on YouTube? How can you get them to know about your channel and want to see what you’re showing them? The easiest way is to buy subscribers from your country. This way, more people will familiarize themselves with the topic of your channel and pass it on.

How to Get Subscribers for YouTube for the Beginners

People who are just beginning their YouTube adventure face a particularly difficult task when it comes to increasing YouTube subscribers. You need to demonstrate an adequate understanding of the platform and its mechanisms. Only then it will be possible to stand out among other people and attract attention. People visiting the site for the first time should, first of all, make sure that they publish interesting and valuable content.

You can get a subscription if you stand out among other authors and present something new on the platform. Only in this case will you manage to attract attention easily and present yourself in a very interesting way. People who keep this in mind and focus on this aspect can stand out.

In addition, YouTube subscriptions can be gained by promoting your channel on various social networks and using tools that will help you get free YouTube subscribers. With their help, you can quickly acquire a big subscriber count plateau to read specific content and check out what is published on a particular channel. If you publish only interesting materials, it will be possible to keep the viewer’s attention and thus gain regular viewers.

A YouTube view generator can also help, especially useful at the beginning of your journey. A new YouTube channel will immediately gain momentum for development and will be able to support the process of attracting people who want to read specific content.

Define your Purpose

Think about what purpose you want the channel for. Blogging can be your main occupation and generate income. Or be an additional digital marketing tool for creating and promoting a personal brand. The goals should be clear and measurable. For example, to gain 1 million subscribers, earn on selling blog advertising, and tell about your hobby. If you understand the result, the channel development strategy is easier to build.

Also, decide on the concept of the blog. Content can broadcast your expertise, promote creativity, touch on important social topics, or entertain the audience.

Choose a Niche

Find a blog idea that resonates with your audience and interests you. Developing the channel art will require significant effort over time, so choose a niche you won’t get bored of after a few weeks.

Topics differ in the level of competition. For example, highly competitive niches include cars, construction, fitness, and psychology. Such content is in demand by a wide audience, but there are a lot of video thumbnails. Therefore, it will be more difficult for newcomers to enter the top. In highly specialized topics, there are fewer competitors, while viewers expect a high level of expertise from bloggers. Examples of niches are newborn care, jewelry production, and reconstruction of historical events.

The prospects for monetization in different topics are also different. For example, in-game blogging, there are fewer opportunities to earn money than in the niche of business. Ask yourself how much bloggers earn in your field.

Choose a Format

Decide how to present your content. Rollers are shot “with a face” or “without a face” – in the frame will be, respectively, the blogger himself or only the embedded videos. You can combine them: for example, you can record the eyeliner with a face and the story with a voiceover.

Popular YouTube channel formats:

  • Reviews – stories about products, restaurants, games, movies, and online services. Viewers are interested in the user experience of the blogger and his opinion about the product. Such videos help the audience to make their own choice.
  • News is one of the most popular formats. Viewers are interested not only in politics, economics, or world events. You can make news about movies, sports, or the fashion industry.
  • Video lessons – educational content is also in demand. For example, bloggers teach subscribers foreign languages, cooking, and makeup rules, and share the secrets of the design or decoration of apartments.
  • Interviews – for viewers to watch the video, you need an interesting hero. For example, an actor, writer, or scientist.
  • Unpacking – the blogger unpacks gadgets, cosmetics, or any other purchases on camera and shares impressions with the audience.
  • Let’s play – game bloggers record video game playthroughs, give commentary and share their life hacks at YouTube studio.
  • Documentaries – a format of long YouTube videos about real events or historical figures. Such videos require much preparatory work: collect material, do fact-checking, and write an interesting script.

Release New Videos Regularly

YouTube’s algorithms also take into account how often you upload videos. If videos on your channel appear regularly, it will be easier to get recommended. Regularity is also important for viewers – interested subscribers are waiting for new YouTube videos.

You can publish videos on certain days of the week – for example, you can release new video titles every Friday.

Increase Audience Retention

Increase Audience Retention

The “Audience Retention” indicator in the channel’s statistics shows how long viewers watch videos. For example, a video is 40 minutes long, and retention is 50%. That means viewers watch an average of 20 minutes of a video each.

How to retain your audience:

  • Shift attention – combine close-ups and distant views, change shooting locations, use accent inserts and montage effects.
  • Tap into emotions – videos that tug at the audience’s heartstrings and elicit an emotional response are more likely to be viewed. Be careful with negativity: you may hold attention for one YouTube video but alienate viewers in the long run.
  • Communicate with your audience – ask for reactions and comments, share opinions, and be sure to respond to viewers.
  • Work on your speech – dynamic and clear speech makes it easier to absorb information and maintain interest in the content of the video.
  • Remember about YouTube SEO.

Get into Cross-Promotion

Cross-promotion is about distributing your content on third-party platforms where your audience is. For example, bloggers announce the channel trailer on different social networks. YouTube subscriptions are one of many ways to prove your popularity online. You can also boost your YouTube subscribe link on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. There are many platforms on which it’s worth creating an account and achieving your recognition – not only because fame is interesting but also because it brings material and financial benefits.

Influencers make money from their social media accounts and get free stuff from companies. You can use your accounts or promote yourself through mentions on other people’s pages.

To keep viewers returning to the channel, the blogger must be memorable. The author’s style, atypical presentation of information, and visual effects help to stand out among other channels. If you still need your ideas, take inspiration from popular YouTubers. But only copy someone partially – on the contrary, you risk losing subscribers.

Make Shorts

To quickly become popular, shoot and post YouTube Shorts. You can make short clips separately or cut the main video into short segments. This will help you quickly find your audience and attract new subscribers.

Make Quality Editing

It’s not enough to shoot a channel trailer with a good camera. You can even use your mobile device, but it helps if you edit the video well. Proper editing revitalizes and gives dynamics to even serious stories on narrowly professional topics.

Popular editing techniques:

  • Hard splices – change the close-up of plans by splicing frames every 15-20 seconds. Use close-ups or detail shots to emphasize important points.
  • Timelapse – used to speed up sections of video that are important to understanding the topic but may seem boring or too long to the viewer.
  • Sound effects and music – help to give the video an emotional coloring. But remember that music is not always appropriate – it can get in the way of educational videos.
  • Interludes – insert memes or movie scenes that fit the theme. You can also use your bad shots and backstage footage from the shoot as interludes.

Make your Video Channel Attractive

This step determines how users perceive it and whether it will become popular. Think of a catchy video title, and add a beautiful cover. So that a person can immediately understand what your channel is devoted to, make a competent brief description. Also, upload a background image.

Regularly update the channel description channel and its appearance so that the information is always up to date. You can also use YouTube to promote your other projects by leaving video links to them in the description of your video channel.

Remember Tags on your Video

Properly composed tags will allow YouTube users to find your videos quickly. When writing them, try to choose the tags that best characterize the video content. If you copy the tags used by other authors, your video will not be found among the same type of tags by using keyword research.

It would help if you did not prescribe popular tags that do not relate to the content of the video in the hope of increasing popularity. It is necessary to prescribe both general tags and special tags – for example, keywords and names of people mentioned in the video.

Develop your Channel

Post a new video at least once a week. With regular updates, your channel will be remembered. It is recommended to make a YouTube content schedule and stick to it so that the audience knows when to expect a new video and on what topic.

Try to make each video interesting and unique. To keep your audience “not bored” while waiting for the next video, put “Like” marks on other users’ videos and promote other videos. Keep in touch with your target audience daily, not just when posting a new video.

Caring about your YouTube Channel Activity

The interest channel viewers show is also crucial to the YouTube partner program and algorithm. A high YouTube view duration automatically indicates that the channel publishes valuable content that attracts more subscribers. Such channels gain a record number of views and are more willing to promote to the audience. Commenting on videos by viewers is also very important. Leaving many comments and interacting with the author is also desirable for algorithms.

Engagement is especially important in the case of live streaming. Live viewers who are active and participate in the broadcast make the channel much better perceived by the platform. Thus, publishing subsequent content will immediately move higher in YouTube search results and reach a larger audience. In this case, YouTube analytics help increase the views and people interested in consuming the content.

Start Promoting Your Channel – Where to Buy Likes and Subscriptions?

When buying more subscribers, you should pay attention to what country they are from – it’s best to buy local subscribers because they might be interested in your channel. In addition to more YouTube subscribers, you can buy views, likes, and comments on YouTube so that the algorithm is convinced that something is going on in your account and it’s worth promoting.

If you want to promote your YouTube channels, you should know where to find quality likes and subscriptions. To do this, you should go to SocialBoss and check the offer there. There, you will find subscriptions, likes, and views, including live views. In this way, you will strengthen your position and attract new followers interested in your growth and what you tell and show them.

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