Akshay Kumar, who is Bollywood star, admitted that he drinks and enjoying cow urine every day, joining an increasing number of Indians who claim that it has medicinal advantages, such as coronavirus.

Bollywood Star Akshay Kumar Drinks Cow Urine Daily

Kumar is regarded as a loyal supporter of the party of Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has earmarked millions of dollars for research into drugs using bovine waste to cure many diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Akshay Kumar Drink Urine

There is no conclusive scientific evidence of any therapeutic reasons, but the use of dung and urine to treat coronavirus has been proposed by many politicians from Modi’s right-wing faction.

“I was too excited to be concerned. Due to ayurvedic reasons, I drink cow urine every day, so that was all right,” Kumar said on a live social media chat posted Thursday.

Many Hindus believe that cows are sacred and have their urine drunk for medicinal gain.


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