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Anthony McClelland is a name that still makes Lebron James’ eyes wet because Anthony McClelland is the biological father of Lebron James, who left Lebron’s mother a long time ago. Now, Lebron is a popular figure and is even considered the “King James.”.

People have curiosity about knowing Lebron James’ biological father.

In this article, you will learn about all the available details about Lebron James’ father, Anthony McClelland, and we will tell you a sad story of Lebron James’ life phase, where he faced difficulties without his father.

anthony mcclelland Biography
Anthony McClelland Biography

Who is Anthony McClelland?

Anthony is LeBron James’ biological father but did not play any role in teaching him about basketball or contributing to his upbringing. Even LeBron James has never seen his father, and he has always felt the deprivation of his father.

Full Name Anthony McClelland
Gender Male
Birthplace Akron, Ohio
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Religion Christianity
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Marital Status Unmarried
Former Partner Gloria James
Children LeBron James and Aaron Gamble
Famous For Being the biological father of LeBron James


Anthony McClelland’s Early Life

Anthony was born in a small town popularly known as Akron in Ohio, United States of America. He was a resident of America and of African-American ethnicity. His actual age is unknown to anyone.

Anthony McClelland and Gloria Jeans’ Relationship

Gloria Marie Jeans is the mother of LeBron James and the lover of Anthony. Both went to the same high school in Akron, Ohio. He was always great at basketball and quite talented at playing sports.

Many experts believe that Lebron has genes from his father that helped him excel in basketball sports.

Gloria and James had a casual relationship, and both didn’t commit yet. Gloria became pregnant at the age of 16 and gave birth to a child at such a young age. LeBron’s mother did all the upbringing and fended for his son alone.

LeBron James grew up with his mother, Freds James, his grandmother, and two brothers. Her mother didn’t have a stable job, so LeBron had to move from one apartment to another.


anthony mcclelland
Anthony McClelland

Anthony McClelland Physical Measurements

McClelland left Gloria before LeBron James became famous for his exceptional basketball gameplay, so we know little about his physical appearance. There are only a few images available, and from them, it is confirmed that he has curly hair, black hair colour, and black skin color.

Anthony McClelland’s height is like that of his son, and he is also reported to be 6.2 feet long. Anthony McClelland’s age is still unknown, but he is speculated to be 40 or older.

Full Name Anthony McClelland
Relationship Father of LeBron James
Departure from Gloria Before LeBron James became famous
Hair Type Curly
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Black
Height 6.2 feet
Age Speculated to be 40+ years


Where is Anthony McClelland Now?

It is believed that after leaving Gloria James behind, Anthony McClelland was arrested for theft and arson in 2002. Anthony McClelland’s gamble addiction was also famous and he was a repeated criminal who is still in jail.

It is also being reported that his father was involved in several robberies and is in Jail.

Anthony McClelland's gamble
Anthony McClelland’s gamble

5 Interesting Facts about Anthony McClelland

  1. Anthony was not a bright college student but he was good at basketball
  2. Anthony had a crush on Gloria but both didn’t marry
  3. Anthony refused to have a child with LeBron James
  4. Anthony turned into a robber and started theft and arson
  5. Anthony ended up in jail and no more information is available about him.Read More: Darryl Homo: Wikipedia, Bio, Net Worth
And His Cause Of Death

FAQs about Anthony McClelland

  1. Why did Anthony leave Gloria James?

The reason for Anthony leaving Gloria James is not known. They never married and neither he played any role in raising LeBron James.

  1. Where is Anthony now?

Anthony McClelland is in jail because he was arrested in 2002 for theft and arson. He was involved in criminal activities and theft.

  1. Did McClelland contribute to LeBron James’ basketball skills?

Anthony did not contribute to LeBron James’ basketball skills or upbringing. LeBron was raised by his mother and grandmother.

  1. What is Anthony McClelland known for?

Anthony is known as the biological father of LeBron James. However, LeBron was also not available when LeBron was born.

  1. What is Anthony’s age?

Anthony’s current age is said to be 40+ but the actual age of LeBron James’ father is not confirmed.

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