7 Writing Exercises to Sharpen Your Skills


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A good writer doesn’t suddenly improve into a great writer. It takes dedication and consistent effort to improve one’s writing. Even the best authors engage in various writing exercises to maintain their skills and stimulate creativity.

There are many different writing exercises and prompts that writers can use to actually start writing and to keep writing successfully. Writing prompts can help you come up with ideas, practice using a particular tone or style, and learn how to write more effectively. According to a seasoned academic writer from essayservice.com, a writing service platform where students buy cheap coursework, the following exercises will help you produce your finest pieces.

1.  Try freewriting

Freewriting lets you follow your mental inclinations and let ideas and inspiration strike you without planning. Start writing down whatever comes to mind after setting a timer for a comfortable duration. Since only you will read it, it is optional to make sense or let your mind go. Freewriting is a mental practice that can help you brainstorm ideas and overcome writer’s block, whether you are writing for academic or creative purposes. It is best to practice freewriting as often as possible.

2.  Expand upon a haphazard sentence

Choose a random sentence from a book or any other literature piece as the opening line of a short narrative. Start with someone else’s words and continue writing your own. The story can go in any direction and be about whatever you want it to be. It is a practical, creative writing exercise that provides just enough of a start to stimulate your writing and foster idea production. Such sentences can become funny or even challenging writing prompts that eventually will help you produce better pieces and boost your creativity.

3.  Analyze the writing of others

Take notes on exceptional writing that you enjoy reading. Pay attention to the author’s voice and writing style to determine readability. Take note of the author’s word choice and viewpoint. Do they use short, forceful sentences? Is the theme or story meant to elicit a specific emotion? Do they frequently utilize extended, descriptive sentences? What effect does that have on the tempo or the sensory details? You can develop your abilities by jotting down the strategies employed in writing you find excellent and using them in your work with domyessay.com help.

4.  Edit someone else’s work

To be an excellent writer, you must be able to edit well. Finding a random blog site, choosing an article, and trying to proofread the content are some methods for doing this (it may help to avoid bloggers you know to remain objective). Mark any cliches, overly long sentences, phrases that don’t make sense or run together, and places where the sentence structure needs to be changed to make things more transparent. Editing exercises will benefit your writing process in many different ways and prepare you for writing better pieces.

5.  Create a manual

Pick a subject you are well informed about, then create a how-to article about it. Practice breaking a topic into manageable parts and rebuilding it using a new structural approach. It takes effort to research and summarize ideas in a step-by-step fashion, but doing so will help you stay organized, maintain your analytical prowess, and exercise your writing muscles. For authors running out of ideas, the study may also provide an idea for a new writing assignment.

6.  Observe people

When observing people in a public setting, note what you see and any images that pop into your head. You can visit a park or a mall and simply watch what people around you do. You can even develop the habit of observing people and then describe similar situations in your writing to see where your ideas go and in what directions you can think. Watching and listening to real people communicate and live in the present can not only inspire creativity, but it can also make your work seem more natural.

7.  Discover the ideal setting for writing

First, let’s discuss choosing the ideal writing atmosphere for you. Finding the perfect writing environment can make a significant difference, much like choosing the right gym with the appropriate equipment, cost, and crowdedness. You might be accustomed to listening to free-form jazz while working at your desk. And some people might prefer to work in complete stillness with dim lights. Experimenting and challenging your writing habits is the first step.


Remember that the primary goal of these writing activities is to increase your awareness of the components of solid sentences, engaging paragraphs, and memorable messages.

With practice, these exercises can also help you gain confidence in your decisions as a writer, especially regarding the enigmatic concept of the writer’s “voice.” You can become more careful about the aspects you want to use and how to apply them when you grasp how precisely writers develop their voices rather than just copying them verbatim.

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