Stop the Annoyance: Discover the 5 Best Sites for Reverse Phone Lookup


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You cannot overemphasize the importance of phone numbers. It is crucial when you need your social media account or want to receive financial services or products. This is the main reason many details directly link to our phone numbers. Therefore it may serve a key purpose in revealing the identity of any person you want.

It contains a lot of information about a specific person. This way, you can unveil or reveal the identity of scammers, spammers, or fraudsters. You only need to achieve this purpose if you reverse phone lookup services for free. There are many out there. Each is different regarding quality, effectiveness, usage ease, etc. This review’s main aim is to provide insights into the 5 best reverse phone lookup services. Find insights on these services right below:

  1. USPhoneSearch
  2. NumLooker 
  3. USPhoneLookup 
  4. Intelius
  5. US Search


USPhoneSearch determines a reverse number lookup service that caters to users’ needs for seeking important information. This service is completely free and does not charge anything. Apart from this, the number of details you get from this service is remarkable. When using USPhoneSearch, you can be sure that your identity remains anonymous to the user from whom the data you are getting. 

A phone number’s three-digit area code can be used to pinpoint its location. It’s a major factor that can’t be disregarded when trying to find out more information about a phone number. In this link, USPhoneSearch will take you to a phone number directory that will help you in your search. 

With a super intuitive interface in USPhoneSearch, you can uncover anyone you want. Find what are the pros and cons of USPhoneSearch down below:


  • USPhoneSearch acquires data from highly reputable as well as highly authentic sources. These data sources confirm the reliability and accuracy of the data.
  • When using USPhoneSearch, you don’t need to worry about data recency. The real-time updates ensure you get up-to-date data on the specific person.
  • The interface of the USPhoneSearch is guiding and intuitive. You cannot deny its ease in getting the most out of USPhoneSearch. 


  • USPhoneSearch does not offer any custom assistance. If you get stuck at any point, you cannot get help.

Unmask caller. Now! With USPhoneSearch


NumLooker is another reverse number lookup service that is present online. What contributes to the popularity of the NumLooker is unmatchable accuracy. NumLooker can offer you personal details, including the gender, name, age, and criminal record of a particular person.


  • You will not experience any delay when utilizing the NumLooker. This will help you keep up with your other tasks that need assistance.
  • A wide variety and a vast range of reliable data acquisition sources contribute to the remarkable accuracy of the data.
  • There is no limitation on the number of reverse phone lookups. You can conduct as much as you want.


  • When reverse-looking up a phone number with several owners. Then to retrieve the right person’s details, remember the particular person’s name.

Unmask caller. Now! With NumLooker


USPhoneLookup is another state-of-the-art phone number details retrieval service. The things which make this service stand out are intuitive reports and a guiding website interface. The essential details you can get using USPhoneLookup are employment history, a person’s name, living address, and any information on criminal background.


  • No cluttered reports when it comes to the USPhoneLookup. It features a high level of understanding by anyone.
  • USPhoneLookup features a remarkable level of security for all of its databases. You cannot fear that the data has faced breaching or tweaking.
  • USPhone lookup offers multiple details in comparison to its competitors when it comes to reverse phone lookup.


  • When the traffic is high, the website’s speed decreases, making the reverse number lookup process slow.

Unmask caller. Now! With USPhoneLookup


Another highly considerable background check service is Intelius. It will not stop you from revealing the true identity of fraudulent persons. The details you can access include data checkups, criminal history, or general searches. 


  • Intelius database is considerably wide and broad. This facilitates most of your searches successively with large data.
  • Intelius even support mobile usage with either the Android or iOS apps
  • The reason why Intelius is desirable among other users is because of its instant operation


  • You cannot find information on every aspect for everyone you are searching for. This is the only drawback of this service,

Unmask Caller. Now! With Intelius

US Search 

US Search is on the web, removing the boundaries and providing essential freedom for anyone to access. It caters to the needs of retrieving the details of US People. US Search is free and does not demand membership for details acquisition on the specific person.


  • US Search can be your go-to source of detailed and comprehensive reports
  • With this service, you can search numbers with any area code or any state
  • You are not going to experience any limitations while using the US Search


  • US Search sometimes misses a few details within the report

Unmask caller. Now! With US Search

How do I do a reverse phone lookup for free? 

Reverse phone lookup is super easy, but the right search service matters that facilitate the free reverse phone lookup. There is not all service that caters to the right and bulk details that you desire. Many websites just take up your details. Before using a particular service, what if it requires from your side? Many websites demand highly detailed information. While the true reverse phone lookup services only need a phone number. Many websites also feature fast process operation and require even a single penny from your side.  

Most reverse number lookup services just require the same process to begin using them. The process comprises key steps that you need to fulfill. These steps are:

  • Initially, you need to access or visit the main landing page of the reverse number lookup tool. Next, you need to retrieve the search icon along with the box. Now enter the phone number that you want to retrieve.
  • After fulfilling this step, you need to click on the small search icon that you find just adjacent to the search box. 
  • When you have followed the above two steps, simply wait, and you will get your report quickly. Open the default download path on your system, and you will find it there.


The reverse phone assessing application can assist you in determining who is behind the particular call. Who possesses this specific number? This way, you can practice blocking the specific caller, spammer, or telemarketer to stop annoyance by these persons. 

An option exists that you can report these harassers to avoid harm or loss. These services can help you in ensuring the safety of your loved ones. You can also find information on these services’ features. This way, you can upkeep your digital reputation. So, with many benefits, try the above services today to ensure peace. 

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