20 of the Best Movies about Mental illness [2022]


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20 Best Mental Health Movies that you Must Watch when Depressed 

The reality is that everybody, young or elderly, is influenced in a way by mental health disorders, whether you have a situation of your own or have a parent, family member, or friend. For Hollywood, it is becoming more and more popular to portray mental health issues in films. It’s an extremely relatable trend, and mental disease impacts millions of Americans. Perhaps, in a manner that is misleading or stigmatizing, these movies depict mental illness. Though it isn’t the rule, sometimes Hollywood treats the subject with the respect and accuracy it merits while still delivering quality entertainment.

We asked you What movies have taught you about mental health? Are there any movies that have helped with your mental health or what are the best movies about mental illness?

There’s no shortage of movies to pick from that talk about topics concerning mental health. Some have truthful, poignant representations, while others are not worth the time, to say it kindly. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the best mental illness movies, but a collection that I feel is worth seeing. Below you’ll find the films that do. However, some movies realistically show what it’s like to experience mental illness. Here’s a list of a few mental health moviesthat get it right.

20- Krisha (2016)

Directed by:      Trey Edward Shults

Produced by:    Justin R. Chan

Cast:                  Krisha Fairchild, Robyn Fairchild

Release date:    March 16, 2015

Running time:   81 minutes

Box office:        $144,822 with a total Budget of $30K

Ratings:            IMDb (7.2), Rotten Tomatoes (95%)

Why: This film was excruciatingly painful to watch as the movie goes on about the dissent of a woman who hasn’t yet decided what she wants in life while she’s losing her grip on each & everything, including herself. Beautifully performances. Direction n cinematography is freaking memorable—dialogues hard-hitting. Sound mixing is so horrifyingly beautiful. Must watch the mental health movie.

Krisha 2016 movies about mental illness

Plot: For several years, a sixty-year-old depressed mother with a history of alcohol had been isolated from her family; her son had been raised for most of his childhood by her sister. Krisha told her relatives lately that she is now reformed and sober, and that she plans to come and cook dinner for the entire extended family on Thanksgiving Day.

All that is indicated: the film begins with Krisha going to the big house of her sister, where many members of the family are gathering, and he embraces them all warmly. Krisha attempts to reconcile with Trey, expressing a desire to be part of his life again. He is cold and defensive, refusing even to look at her; as she attempts to coax a reaction out of him, he resists and leaves.

19- The Notebook (2004)

Directed by:      Nick Cassavetes

Produced by:     Lynn Harris

Cast:                  Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams

Release date:    May 20, 2004

Running time:   124 minutues

Box office:        $116.1M with a total Budget of $29M

Ratings:            IMDb (7.8)

Why: This movie has many similarities as to how my diary would write. I was once caught in a love triangle and thought I had made the best choice, but my heart was still elsewhere. It was where the love was genuine.  All-time favorites from movies about mental health! And guess what, even though the men may complain and say this is a lame chic film, they love it every time – never fails! Never marry for any reason other than genuine love, and you can only love someone genuinely after you’re friends first!

The Notebook 2004

Plot: In a nursing home, patient Duke reads a romance tale to an older woman with memory loss problem who has senile dementia. The rich seventeen-year-old Allie spent summer holidays in Seabrook in the late 1930s. One day, Noah takes Allie to an old house he pictures of buying and rebuilding, and they begin to make love, but their friend stops them.

As Noah belongs to some other social class, Allie’s parents reject their affair, and they travel to New York with her. Noah writes three hundred sixty-five letters to Allie, but Anne does not give them to her daughter. The United States enrolled World War II three years later, and Noah and his close buddy enlisted in the army, and Allie served as an army nurse.

18- Little Miss Sunshine

Directed by:      Jonathan Dayton

Produced by:    Marc Turtletaub

Cast:                 Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell

Release date:    January 20, 2006

Running time:  102 minutes

Box office:        $101M with a total Budget of $8M

Ratings:           IMDb (7.8), Rotten Tomatoes (91%)

Why: I guarantee once you start watching this hilarious, faultless,serious-comedy, your eyes will be transfixed, you will want to watch it again and again because this is from best movies about mental illness! All are sublime in their roles! No plot giveaways, no picking out one cast member over another; you have to view this mental health movie is beyond brilliant. The movie was also nominated and won several awards. It’s a winner; you won’t have seen anything like it! Worth several packets of potato chips, and don’t forget the ice-cream while watching this.

Little Miss Sunshine movies about mental health

Plot: Olive is a dream girl: to win the Little Miss Sunshine award. However, her family wishes her to come true with their quirks, neuroses, and issues; they are so overwhelmed that they can easily reach it through a day without a tragedy crashing upon them. As a motivational speaker, Olive’s boss, Richard, is a flop and talks to her mother mildly. And Olive’s grandfather is a victim with a drug problem, but he coaches Olive in her competition talent routine, at least vigorously. To bring Olive to the Little Miss Sunshine contest in far off California, events conspire to bring the whole family on the road together.

17- Lost in Woonsocket (2007)

Directed by:      John Chester

Produced by:    Brian Altounian

Cast:                 Mark, Normand

Release date:   2007

Running time:  81 minutes

Box office:        Unknown

Ratings:           IMDb (7.1)

Why: I cannot shut up about these movies about mental illness. I’ve watched it a handful of times now over the years, and it only ever continuously gets better. Lost in Woonsocket is a truly honest film I had watched. From a strictly cinematic point of view, it is nothing short of phenomenal! The shots, soundtrack, color grading, scripting, and acting are top-notch and can easily compete with major studios.

Lost in Woonsocket 2007

Plot: While conducting a humanitarian experiment, a group of filmmakers attempts to help two homeless alcoholics get their lives back together. After the series is unceremoniously canceled, the question remains of how far they’re willing to go to help.

16- Swiss Army Man

Directed by:      Daniel Scheinert

Produced by:    Eval Rimmon

Cast:                 Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe

Release date:    January 22, 2016

Running time:   97 minutes

Box office:        $5.8M with a total Budget of $3M

Ratings:           IMDb (7), Rotten Tomatoes (72%)

Why: Certainly far from the usual charcuterie board of mental health movies, “Swiss Army Man” provokes nostalgia while examining friendship and love’s a crucial and curious relationship. Ultimately, it’s a story of love. Love is an invisible force so powerful, so cosmic, that even a dead body can chop trees with karate like force. It’s a movie about mental illness that reminds us that all are capable of love, and sometimes, if you’re patient enough and believe in yourself, love will find you. Actors’ chemistry is naturally phenomenal. “Swiss Army Man” deserves a solid A letter grade.

Swiss Army Man movie

Plot: The film begins with scenes in the bottom of the sea of several items floating. They have small messages written on them by somebody who says they’re hungry, bored, and they don’t want to die on their own. Hank Thompson is preparing on a deserted island to hang himself. He then sees a young man’s body washed up on the beach.

He’s running to a young man, checking for a pulse, but he’s expired. From inside the male chest and the corpse farts, Hank discovers a rumbling sound. Hank takes the belt off the pants of the man and uses it again to try and hang himself. The corpse remains to fart so much, even so, that it moves a bit. Hank runs back to the cadaver and uses his farts like a jet ski to ride away from the island. Hank loses his equilibrium and falls into the water.

15- The Vow (2012)

Directed by:      Michael Sucsy

Produced by:    Roger Birnbaum

Cast:                  Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum

Release date:    February 6, 2012

Running time:  104 minutes

Box office:        $196.1M with a total Budget of $30M

Ratings:            IMDb (6.8)

Why: These sre one of the best romantic mental health movies I ever watched. It is based on real-life where a couple of life is split apart after the accident and causes memory loss. I realized after this movie that memory has no link in nature, compatibility and understanding between two. If these three are there, then yes, love can happen again. It is a movie that came strongly recommended to me by friends, and after watching, I had no doubt why. It was afterwards that I realized it is not what people would call “a great mental disorder movie “.

The Vow 2012 mental health movies

Plot: Leo, the self-made studio recording manager, is happily married to Paige Thornton, a small, modern sculptor deserted by society. A car crash tends to leave her in a coma for five years, from which she awakens with severe, unlimited amnesia. With angelic patience, Leo brought her back home, despite her childishly handling him almost as a stranger, ignoring his company, while she even skipped her ‘art’ and daily tastes. Her overpowering parents, Bill and Rita Thornton continue to lure her back to their luxurious mansion and perhaps law school for a career that they only dream of, even bringing back her ‘appropriate’ college fiance, Jeremy, who enjoys the hurdle, but also discovers it changed. Leo puts her happiness before everything, but will his unwavering love triumph?

14- The Soloist (2009)

Directed by:      Joe Wright

Produced by:    Gary Foster

Cast:                 Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr.

Release date:    April 24, 2009

Running time:   117 minutes

Box office:        Unknown

Ratings:            IMDb (6.7)

Why: Best most realistic white savior movie ever from movies about mental illness. Comes from the white savior’s perspective but depicts modern everyday racial trauma most accurately I have ever seen in a film. Best actor competition head to head Jamie wins. The cinematography is brilliant and breathtaking. Watch with your full attention or, alas, you may “lose your place”.  These men have much in common, and the film explores their similarities as well as their differences.

The Soloist 2009

Plot: In 2005, his pressing agency need for new stories was the only thing that to hurt Los Angeles Times writer Steve Lopez much as his face from a recent bike accident. And that’s when, through his half-broken tools, He finds Nathaniel Ayers, a psychically ill, abandoned street performer who holds extraordinary talent. Lopez writes a renowned set of articles about Ayers, inspired by his story, and tries to do more to assist him and the others LA’s underclass have a better life. Even so, in the harsh realities of the power of Ayers’ demons and the greater social injustices facing the homeless, Lopez’s noble intent run headlong.

13- Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

Directed by:      Craig Gillespie

Produced by:    Sarah Aubrey

Cast:                 Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer

Release date:    October 12, 2007

Running time:   106 minutes

Box office:        $11.3M with a total Budget of $12M

Ratings:            IMDb (7.3), Rotten Tomatoes (81%)

Why: Ryan’s deeply emotionally and compelling performance in this mental health movie portrays a man caught between fantasy and slowly emerging reality.  There are light comedic moments between the psyche’s need to reintroduce itself safely back into reality.  Oscar-worthy performance that will linger in the minds of anyone with a heart who has spent two hours with “Lars” and Company. I’d move there in a heartbeat. It seems “we’ve lost that lovin’ feeling” as man’s inhumanity towards man appears to have progressed.

Lars and the Real Girl 2007 mental illness movies

Plot: Lars Lindstrom is a strangely shy young man in this humour in a tiny northern town who eventually brought the girl of his fantasies  to the home of his brother and sister-in-law. The only issue is that she’s not real – she’s a sex doll ordered from the Internet by Lars. Sex, however, is not what Lars has in mind, but a deep and meaningful connection. His sister-in-law is worried about him, his brother thinks he’s crazy, but ultimately, the whole city goes along with his false belief to support the genuinely sweet boy they’ve always loved.

12- Canvas (2006)

Directed by:       Joseph Greco

Produced by:     LMG Pictures

Cast:                  Joe Pantoliano, Marcia

Release date:    October 2006

Running time:   101 minutes

Box office:        Unknown

Ratings:            Rotten Tomatoes (78%)

Why: An empathetic point of view on schizophrenia was presented by the film, and the story of movies about mental illness was credible. To begin with, the subject is challenging, but this tale not only illuminated a severe illness, sometimes unspoken but also bought it out in a way that will prove inspirational to those vulnerable to this life challenge. I was surprised at the excellent performance by Devon Gearhart, a young actor.

Canvas 2006 movies about mental illness

Plot: For nearly two years, Mary Marino developed paranoid schizophrenia. Her illness has influenced her marriage to her working husband John and her 11-year-old son Chris: John misses work to take care of Mary and still pays for her increasing hospitalization and medical bills. His mocking school friends abuse Chris. Mary constantly paints (therapy) the same scene, hears a voice and ultimately refuses to remain on her medications, a fact that results in her long-term hospitalization in a Psychiatric Hospital. Given the radical changes in their lives, John and Chris grow to support Mary, and each finds a way of coping.

11- What About Bob (1991)

Directed by:      Frank Oz

Produced by:     Laura Ziskin

Cast:                  Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss

Release date:    May 17, 1991

Running time:   98 minutes

Box office:        $63.7M with a total Budget of $39M

Ratings:            IMDb (7), Rotten Tomatoes (84%)

Why: I saw mental health movies when it came out, and my enjoyment index hasn’t diminished a bit. I particularly enjoyed Dreyfuss and Murray’s performances. Murray is a fantastic talent for comedy, but Dreyfuss assumed to be his equal. For all ages, I recommend this film so that they can enjoy some relaxed cramps, downtime and intense laughs. This was the first film about mental illness I saw Murray in which, as an actor, he looked decent and has since seemed to have great success. Best film to watch.

What About Bob 1991 movie about mental illness

Plot: Doctor Leo Marvin, an arrogant psychotherapist, looks forward to his upcoming performance on a telecast of Good Morning America, during which he hopes to brag about his latest novel, Baby Steps. Bob is a hermit, meanwhile, who is so reluctant to leave his home that he has to speak out the door himself. When a psychotherapy colleague pawns Bob around on Leo, Bob gets bound to Leo.

As a smart husband and an amazing father who knows everything there is to know about advising his wife and raising his children, Leo hopes to surprise his family with his prowess. Bob won’t let Leo spend a relaxing summer by the water, however. Bob manages to speak to himself on the bus, amid his phobia about travelling solo, and he arrives in New Hampshire.

10- What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

Directed by:      Lasse Hallström

Produced by:    Bertil Ohlsson

Cast:                 Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis

Release date:   December 17, 1993

Running time:  118 minutes

Box office:        Unknown

Ratings:           IMDb (7.8), Rotten Tomatoes (90%)

Why: It was a simple, humble Piece from movies about mental illness with real-life sorrow and suffering. I could relate with Johnny Depp’s character; I could feel the emotional turmoil he suffered in silence in his loyalty, love and commitment to his dysfunctional situation. It consumes you’re every minute of every day. For those of you who are fortunate enough not to have to endure such adversities, I would ask that no judgment be cast on those of us that have such issues, understanding and compassion is needed in such situations and supportive actions.

Whats Eating Gilbert Grape 1993 films about mental illness

Plot: Together with their horrifyingly obese widowed mother, based around the Grape family, they struggle to thrive and coexist with the absence of a father figure, low wage labor and seventeen-year-old Arnie’s extreme mental illness. In this uncomfortable and one-sided affair, the poor Gilbert must still take care of his younger brother Arnie when working for the rapidly failing grocery store in the area.

That is when Becky’s free spirit appears in town and is stuck for the week with her grandma while searching for parts for their car. This realization unites fresh emotions, new ideas and new hope for Gibert, something new is Gilbert Grape feeding.

9- As Good As it Gets (1997)

Directed by:      James L. Brooks

Produced by:    Bridget Johnson

Cast:                 Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt

Release date:    December 23, 1997

Running time:   139 minutes

Box office:        $314.1M with a total Budget of $50M

Ratings:            IMDb (7.7), Rotten Tomatoes (85%)

Why: It is definitely a feel-good film. The performances by the three protagonists were very apt and excellent. I loved 3 of them, and their screen presence was so significant. Jack Nicholson was cute and funny throughout the film even though he was a bigoted, compulsive person. Helen Hunt is so beautiful and such an intense actress and Greg Kinnear wow he was superb, I fell for him, and his sweet character and cute little doggie. Above all, please give it a watch, I bet you will smile at the end.

As Good As it Gets 1997 best movies about mental illness

Plot: Melvin Udall is a best-selling extraordinary romance novelist, whose obsessive-compulsive illness keeps him from jumping on pavement cracks while moving through the area, and every day eating breakfast at the very same table in the same restaurant. He shows an interest in Carol Connelly, his waiter, the only restaurant server who can handle his ill-mannered behavior.

One day, after a burglary, Simon Bishop, a gay painter who is Melvin’s building friend, is attacked and almost killed. Though he does not immediately like caring for the puppy, Melvin is addicted to it emotionally. He gets more praise from Carol at the same time. Melvin is unable to physically deal with getting the dog back after Simon is discharged from the hospital. When Carol agrees to work close to her residence in Brooklyn so she can look after her acutely asthmatic son Spencer, Melvin’s life is further changed.

8- Gaslight (1940)

Directed by:      Thorold Dickinson

Produced by:    John Corfield

Cast:                 Anton Walbrook, Diana Wynyard

Release date:    25 June 1940

Running time:   89 minutes

Box office:        Unknown

Ratings:            IMDb (7.3), Rotten Tomatoes (100%)

Why: I watched these mental health movies with great anticipation after hearing for years the stories of how MGM suppressed it after filming the remake. In my opinion, they needn’t have bothered. A fine film is the 1940 version: tender, suspenseful and very well edited. Especially in comparison to George Cukor’s film, though, it seems two-dimensional to me. A clear protagonist is depicted by Walbrook, and Wynyard is a passive survivor. The excitement comes from the storyline itself. I found the relationships in the 1944 film much more complex and exciting.  Boyer and Bergman’s erotic and romantic chemistry makes the film fascinating and much more than a straightforward cat and mouse suspenser.

Gaslight 1940 movies about mental health

Plot: All the buzz in one particular neighborhood in Victorian London is that somebody has finally relocated to 12 Pimlico Square. As the former occupant, Alice Barlow was killed there, the house remained vacant for years. Since moving into the home, Bella’s fragile constitution takes a turn for the worse, missing and misplacing things, becoming delusional in listening to sounds in the house’s closed-off upper levels, and watching the lights flicker.

In coping with Bella’s deteriorating mental health, Paul’s affection for her crosses the thin line into hatred. He is trying to isolate her in the home in not having to be humiliated in public. When Bella teeters on the verge of hysteria, Paul’s cruel treatment worsens the problem. B.G. Tough, though, the livery stable owner who was once a policeman who served on the Barlow case, suspects that Paul Mallen is not the person he appears to be and is implicitly connected to the Barlow case.

7- A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Directed by:      Ron Howard

Produced by:    Brian Grazer

Cast:                Russell Crowe, Ed Harris

Release date:    December 13, 2001

Running time:  135 minutes

Box office:        $313M with a total Budget of $58M

Ratings:            IMDb (8.2), Rotten Tomatoes (74%)

Why: This is one of my favorite film from mental illness movies. My one criticism of it would be that I would have preferred if they focused more on his mathematical genius than all the schizophrenic stuff. You can’t leave that out, but I would have liked more mathematical inspiring moments which seems like the obvious thing to put in. That’s like having a movie about Picasso and just focusing on the women; the man was one of the greatest painters of all time. So I would have liked more inspiration in it instead of all the drama. It was still an excellent movie though, what a performance from Russell Crowe.

A Beautiful Mind 2001

Plot: From his tenure as a math student at Princeton graduate school in the late 1940s to his Nobel Prize for Economics in 1994, John Nash went through several ups and downs. Nash, a smart but somewhat selfish and reclusive man, tended to invest his time with his thoughts, mostly seeing the mathematical formula correlated with ordinary events, rather than with individuals.

Eventually, he and Alicia get married. Nash lives evermore inside himself as time goes by, which creates crucial complications in his life. Alicia, however, stands by her spouse to save him from the Nobel Prize winners. Nash finds that his colleagues from graduate school, with whom he had a friendly yet somewhat distant friendship, are better friends than he thought.

6- Melancholia (2011)

Directed by:      Lars von Trier

Produced by:    Meta Louise Foldager

Cast:                  Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Release date:    18 May 2011

Running time:  135 minutes

Box office:        $21.8M with a total Budget of $9.4M

Ratings:            IMDb (7.2), Rotten Tomatoes (80%)

Why: It seems as if the negative reviews have come from people who haven’t experienced deep and chronic depression. I can see why it can be challenging to relate to and seem long and drawn out. These mental health movies is a beautiful, accurate and heartbreaking depiction of depression, and the nihilistic feelings of depression. Justine puts on a ‘happy’ facade at her wedding when she is with everyone else, but her darkness keeps revisiting her, making her isolate herself throughout the night.  It’s so common for people with depression to feel lost, guilty and empty.

Melancholia 2011 mental health movie

Plot: The lives of adult sisters Justine and Claire are presented, one story centring around a specific event dedicated to each of the sisters. In Justine’s story, it is the day of her wedding to Michael. The entire day is overseen by controlling Claire, with the lavish reception, paid by Claire’s wealthy husband John, being held on John and Claire’s vast rural and remote estate. Those closest to Justine know that she suffers from severe depression.

The reception is most influenced on the surface by the relationship with the divorced parents of Justine and Claire, who separated years ago. The interrelationships of all the main players at the wedding, however, are bubbling under the surface, which can dramatically influence what happens to Justine. While Claire and John say that all they’ve done this day is to make Justine happy, most of those big players, including Justine’s manager Jack, who also happens to be Michael’s best friend, work towards self-interest and truth to their inner being.

5- Goodbye Christopher Robin

Directed by:      Simon Curtis

Produced by:    Steve Christian

Cast:                 Domhnall Gleeson, Margot Robbie

Release date:    20 September 2017

Running time:  107 minutes

Box office:        $7.2M with a total Budget of $3M

Ratings:            IMDb (7.1)

Why: This a lovely film focuses on Milne and his son’s relationship and how together they became sucked into Winnie the Pooh world. This is a beautiful movie about mental illness with good performances, all about lost innocence and family importance. We are left with the question about whether Milne did his son too many favors by placing him in a children’s book after a Special note must go to Will Tilston, who so brilliantly performs the young Christopher Robin. I wish this film would be universally acclaimed because I felt it was fantastic.

Goodbye Christopher Robin mental illness movies

Plot: The film opens in 1941, during WWII, with Alan Alexander Milne – his friends and family nicknamed “Blue” – and his wife Daphne getting a distressing telegram at their house. It then alterations the period to 1916 with Blue participating in the Battle of the Somme during WWI. Though experiencing shell shock from frequent flashbacks of his war memories and raising a baby with Daphne, he resumes Daphne’s life in England. She wished for a girl and instead is frustrated to have a son, having trouble resuming his writing – he needs to draft a convincing anti-war treatise – and flees the family to a wooded acreage house in the country.

4- Inside Out (2015)

Directed by:     Pete doctor

Produced by:   Jonas Rivera

Cast:                Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith

Release date:   May 18, 2015

Running time:  94 minutes

Box office:        $858M with a total Budget of $175M

Ratings:           IMDb (8.1), Rotten Tomatoes (98%)

Why: This film from mental health movies is so good; it portrays what happens in a human’s mind even in other people and cats and dog. Anyways continuing what I was talking about, Inside Out is a perfect movie that shows the emotions and offers each of their roles and characteristics. Although it might have dark scenes for younger kids, it shows them how our minds and emotions work whenever we feel a sure thing. Life is so crazy, fun, unexpected, and mysterious in many ways; that’s what makes it so attractive. Things happen for a reason, and that’s an understandable thing that is normal.

Inside Out 2015 mental health movies

Plot: Emotions run wild in the mind of a little girl who is uprooted from her peaceful life in the Midwest and forced to move to San Francisco in this Pixar adventure. When her father found a new career in San Francisco, Young Riley was happily happy with her life, and the family moved to another country. Today, her mental headquarters are a hotbed of activity as Riley prepares to enter a new city and start a new academy. Other feelings such as anxiety, rage, disgust and sadness make the change a little more complicated as Joy manages to keep Riley feeling optimistic and hopeful about the transfer.

3- One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

Directed by:      Miloš Forman

Produced by:    Saul Zaentz

Cast:                 Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher

Release date:    November 19, 1975

Running time:  133 minutes

Box office:        $163.3M with a total Budget of $4.4M

Ratings:            IMDb (8.7), Rotten Tomatoes (94%)

Why: The first thing that one notices while watching this type of movies about mental illness is the quality of the acting. It’s tough for actors to portray the intensity of mental illness in a non-offensive way.  Everyone in their cast was spectacular in their roles. There were times I thought I was watching real patients with mental illness. The writing, dialogue, and plot give each character a chance at full development.  Audiences can understand the themes brought to light. The script was incredible as the audience can never quite predict what happens next. There were moments of real tension felt as the suspense builds, and we wonder if our protagonist gets caught.

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest 1975

Plot: Just a few months left of his sentence, thirty-eight-year-old inmate “Mac” has just been moved from a work camp affiliated with the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton to a mental facility, facing trial for multiple assaults and forcible rape. Mac was able to employ “crazy” behaving – with a belligerent and intelligent-alecky demeanor and anti-authoritarian behavior – to his advantage of not doing any job.

He is in the hospital because the Pendleton officials want him to experience a psychological evaluation to prove that he is not insane, believing that this is all an act to get out of work. He believes that this career will get him out of any additional job while serving the remaining amount of his sentence. With a bunch of men who have varying degrees of clarity and regulation of their mental capacities, he is placed in a hospital.

2- Ordinary People (1980)

Directed by:      Robert Redford

Produced by:    Ronald L. Schwary

Cast:                 Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore

Release date:    September 19, 1980

Running time:  124 minutes

Box office:        $90M with a total Budget of $6.2M

Ratings:            IMDb (7.7), Rotten Tomatoes (89%)

Why: This film is one of the best and most important pictures ever to portray an American middle-class family. Its relentless focus on the father, mother, and son reveals much about marriage, parenthood, and adolescence after a traumatic loss. Not incidentally, this film also presents one of the most appealing portraits of psychiatric counselling ever offered on the big screen. Finally, remarkably, the movie has lost none of its power in the forty years since its initial release. A must watch from movies about mental health.

Ordinary People 1980 movie

Plot: Teenaged siblings and close buddies, were engaged in a boating accident that took the life of Buck. Conrad attempted to commit suicide shortly after that. He is away in his upper middle-class midwestern Chicago home with his parents, Calvin and Beth Jarrett, after a four-month hospital treatment. Conrad, who is back at high school in his senior year participating in his old activities such as the swim team and choir, collectively, the Jarretts are publicly trying to get on with their lives. But stuff are not okay in the Jarrett family. This treatment can uncover the explanations for the communal dissatisfaction of the Jarretts and lead each to examine not only the dynamic of the overall family but also the individual relationships for each of the other two.

1- Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Directed by:      David O. Russell

Produced by:    Donna Gigliotti

Cast:                 Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence

Release date:   September 8, 2012

Running time:  122 minutes

Box office:        $236.4M with a total Budget of $21M

Ratings:           Rotten Tomatoes (92%)

Why: There’s something so refreshing about this mental health movie. At the point where everything would fall to ruins in any other film, it doesn’t. There are many points in the film where different characters make decisions that could have plot line altering consequences, and then they end up being made nothing more than minor road bumps. It’s a great life lesson that our lives’ outcomes are not dependent on other people’s actions, but our reactions. It is a perfect movie to watch for all types of audiences, and that’s why ranked in the number one position in movies about mental illness.

Silver Linings Playbook 2012 movies about mental illness

Plot: Upon finding his wife with another man, Pat Solitano beats him. He would have been sent to a mental hospital where bipolar disorder would be diagnosed as suffering. He was going to be released and go to live with his parents. But because he didn’t like the way they make him happy or go to mandated therapy, he is hesitant to take his meds. The only reason he needs to do is try to get his wife back next to each other, but she has already written him off and received a restraining order. He goes around wanting to locate someone who knows where she is but doesn’t know where she has been.

They find a connection, but Pat refuses to do anything, being devoted to his wife. He asks her to give his wife a letter when he learns that she is seeing his wife. She admits on the condition that, at an upcoming competition, he be her dance partner. He agrees, and they set up a relationship.


Depression and tension have become a household name. These illnesses and disorders represent society’s conditions very well. Many movies come into existence while covering this genre—this article by Zain Mumtaz Summaries the movies about mental illness or mental disorder movies.

I hope you are amazed and got the Best mental health movies you are looking for, also check my blog on Best Action Anime.

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